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Monday, August 01, 2005

At last, the face of Professor Alastor Moody

Better known as "Mad-Eye" Moody. Ain't It Cool News conveys the grisly visage of the newest Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (or is he?) as he'll appear in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie this November. Mad-Eye has become my favorite character after the events of Order of the Phoenix (and I was really disappointed that he only makes practically a cameo appearance in the Half-Blood Prince) but this look for Moody... isn't what I was expecting. I can't remember it said anywhere that his magical eye needs a strap to hold it in place. And it seemed like his face would be a lot more angular/crudely cut. But Lisa likes his look here, and I'm going to hold out on a full judgement until I see the movie. After all it's not so much Moody's look that's as important as his attitude :-)