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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

CONFIRMED: Gas running out all over town

In the last half-hour I've called WFMY News 2 and Fox 8 WGHP, the two stations that give Greensboro the most coverage, about gas shortages that are said to be hitting this area. I received a report earlier today that a lot of the stations were putting bags over their pumps, signifying that they were all empty. One oil distributor that I know of is said to have shut down completely because there's nothing left to deliver. I've heard of at least one station in Winston-Salem that's run out, and have confirmation from a source known personally to me that many stations in the western mountains of North Carolina are going dry. In light of all this I decided to confirm it with News 2 and Fox 8.

WFMY told me that they've been getting reports about this all day, but they haven't been able to confirm it yet. However, Fox 8 said that it has been confirmed and there's even a blurb about it on their website right now.

So, it's happening. And it's starting to come down the wire.