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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I posted something to Democratic Underground a little while ago...

Even though it's been about a year since I promised myself I wouldn't become involved in the political discussion forums anymore. Guess you could say that after years of Free Republic and then Liberty Post, I woke up one morning, looked at myself in the mirror and didn't like what I was becoming. Nothing gets resolved in forums like these: they tend to be ugly and they were making me ugly in spirit.

So I've been away from them, and a lot happier for it. But in the case of my essay about the Cindy Sheehan protest down in Texas from the other day, I was way more than a little curious as to what kind of reaction it would bring from those who are closest to that. And since a few of my articles here have wound up posted on Democratic Underground, I opted to sign up with "theknightshift" handle and make a little post about it there. Someone over there was even kind enough to give my Sheehan essay its own thread over there. Thanks "Maddy McCall" :-)

I'm thankful for their take on my perspective. But I'm still going to prefer to be out here, instead of taking a more direct role in this kind of dialogue from now on. I enjoy watching all three of these forums, but like Robert E. Lee and alcohol, it is because I enjoy it so much that is the reason I choose not to participate anymore.


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Chris Knight said...

Have you seen that "President's intern" blog? It's pretty hilarious, like the one you just posted :-) I forget the URL but a Google search should yield it pretty fast.