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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Kyle Williams makes Jerry Falwell look positively mediocre, again...

I guess that's why WorldNetDaily isn't giving Kyle a top-of-the-page link anymore on Saturdays.

I do have to wonder why this is, seriously: Kyle Williams (along with Vox Day) is the most original, articulate and beautifully-written columnist that WND has. Lately WND is treating him like a pariah, or a crazy uncle kept down in the basement: they know that we know he's down there, but they don't want to bring him any more attention. Instead they give Falwell his regular front-page link, even though Falwell hasn't written anything original for WND since... Lord only knows.

Well, the Christian wunderkind that is Kyle Williams has another great piece this week and so its my task as usual to alert both my faithful readers to it: Click here for Young Master Kyle's latest, an essay titled "The empty lie of self-gratification".


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's one of his best yet, right up there with his excellent analysis of American Evangelicals.

I bet WND kicks him off after he writes an article that would be a logical extension to his latest. He could title it: "Fascism, American Style" or something like that.