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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Now, THIS is a neat fanfilm! Why isn't TFN hosting this?!

Friend sent me a link tonight to a new Star Wars fanfilm that, apparently this is the first one known to come out of Russia. I think that's a strong selling point on this 'cuz Star Wars Alien War is full of that Russian storytelling tradition that emphasizes depth of character. For most of the story it's two characters in a darkened room, so it has to carry through on whatever strength is in the dialogue. It's native Russian with English subtitles, but it's quite effective. And those might be the best lightsaber effects I've seen in any fanfilm to date.
Click here to watch Alien War in Quicktime, it's well worth the download. And be sure to check out the official website.

EDIT: I went to the TheForce.net forums to see if this movie had been mentioned in the Fan Films section. Sure enough it has been. For too many reasons to go into I thought THIS one would merit hosting by them (yeah even if Forcery didn't) but...

Yes, we submitted it to TF.N, but we were denied the hosting: film's not good enough. But, actually, it doesn't matter at all, 'cause we have a good hosting for our files already, we just wanted to get in TF.N news... And looks like we won't make it. Happens.
This film's "not good enough"?!? &%@$!!! WHAT the heck are they SMOKING over at TFN Fan Films these days?!? I saw where the filmmaker noted on the thread that this is indeed the first fanfilm to come from Russia. It should warrant good TFN hosting on that mark alone. It's a gutsy movie, to not rely on "action, faster, more intense!" to drive the story. It has EXCELLENT special effects. Look, Jeff, John, Kurt, whoever's at the controls over there: I don't care what you thought of my own movie at this point. But you are positively NUTS to turn Alien War down and deny it some good recognition.

Once again - but NOT thinking of my own movie at all here - I have to wonder what kind of criteria they're going by in judging which movies make the cut and which don't. TFN Fan Films prides itself on being "a leader" in fan-made productions. Well, it won't be a leader much longer if it keeps denying rich content like Alien War. This is a work of genius that should be accoladed, not absconded from.


Anonymous said...

I liked Forcery and I like Alien War, even though I can't figure out its title :) TF.N has lost their minds, saying no to these movies while giving a ride to Jedi House, definitely the _worst_ fan film I've ever seen.

Chris Knight said...

Well, I'm not going to get into that mess again, but the crew that did Alien War obviously poured their talents into making it and on every possible level, it shows those in spades. I hope this wasn't a case of it being rejected merely because it's not in English. Star Wars is a myth that defies language and borders: you aren't "more" a fan of it because your primo lingo happens to be English. I just want these guys to get some much-deserved recognition, that's quite due them.