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Monday, August 22, 2005

Pat Robertson is a Christian?

On his 700 Club teevee show today he called for the assassination of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez by the United States government.

No further comment.


Anonymous said...
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Chris Knight said...

Anonymous said...

The man is a cancer to the christian religion.

Jesus would slap the s*** outta him!

Although the sentiment is understandable, please refrain from using profanity. I try to keep this place "family-friendly". Thanks :-)

Jon said...

I wonder if this Pat Robertson incident is proof that free speech can be taken "too far". Just like one of my co-bloggers said,

"Ah, free speech. Robertson can use it to demand someone's death, I can use it to state that a gay three-legged monkey with a crack problem is probably closer to God than Pat Robertson."

I hope that wasn't too "family-unfriendly"....

Chris Knight said...

No, that was "family friendly" :-) It does illustrate things pretty well. What I'm wondering lately is how does this proclamation by Pat Robertson make him any different from radical Muslim clerics in Iran or whereever that call for the death of President Bush? Because there's no discernable difference between the two at all.

That's what it's come down to: our own radical clerics issuing fatwas. Who Would Jesus Assassinate?