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Sunday, August 07, 2005

RuneScape is a pretty neat lil' game

I'm going to be writing up a review of Guild Wars pretty soon (now that I'm almost level 11 and have had time to explore the game a bit). In the meantime, my 12-year old cousin Dylan came over earlier today and showed me something pretty darned cool: RuneScape. So far as massively-multiplayer online games go it's rather unique. Fer starters, the entire game is played via Java applet on your web browser. Graphics are 3-D, not the full-detailed stuff you'd find in World of Warcraft or City of Heroes, really sorta glorified textual MUDding but they're still rather effective. Play is either fee-based full membership or free, which limits the landscape you can explore and quests you partake in and puts some banner ads in your browser window. But even free, it's quite a nice game to behold. I found a lot more info about it at Rune Tips and Runescape Realm.com (Rune Tips has a nice graphical bestiary where you can take a gander at the game's various monsters... which includes chickens, ducks, and drunken dwarfs). All things considered, I was rather impressed with RuneScape, so sign up for free and check it out!