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Saturday, August 27, 2005

What OTHER reason do I have for blogging this early on Saturday morning?

Yup, it's another piece of brilliance from young master Kyle Williams...
The problem with trusting too much in reason, I believe, is twofold: First, Christianity is not reasonable. Paul himself declared the things of God to be foolish. To attempt to make the doctrines of Christianity reasonable from a human perspective and seek to "prove" things like creationism, Adam and Eve, and Christ's resurrection have more to do with a man-centered ego-trip than piety. Second, the basis for faith is not a vast knowledge of Christianized Western thought, nor talking points from Ray Comfort's ridiculous televangelism program. Yes, as Peter wrote, Christians must always be prepared to give an answer for their faith, but the grand rhetorical arguments of the greatest apologist shouldn't be the foundation for our faith.
And once again, WorldNetDaily is refusing to put Kyle at the top of their front page. Kelly Hollowell's piece is kinda interesting (I think the problem with this one is that she doesn't really focus on any one single subject) and Jerry Falwell's shallow essay is the often-repeated line of late that if you are against Bush you are somehow anti-American. It's a crime of logic that WND gives Falwell's piece a link but makes you dig through the site to find Kyle's stuff... the depth of which puts his elders to shame bigtime. Well anyhoo, ya got a link to him again so go check him out!