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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What's next for KWerky Productions?

Forcery, looks like it's going to be broadcast in its entirety on a local television station in the very near future. This station is wanting to have ALL-original programming and they're looking at running films made in this area. For a lot of personal reasons, this station broadcasting my own movie is going to be a real highlight of Forcery's history.

But now, KWerky Productions is looking at other projects. Forcery taught us how to make a movie... and how not to make a movie! We feel emboldened to try a few new things now. So what's next on the plate?

Pre-production has started on Han or Hannah?, which may or may not be the last Star Wars-related fanfilm we do. The premise is simple: What if Ed Wood had made a Star Wars movie. We are going to make this exactly as if Ed Wood himself had done it. Among other things this means that I want to direct it while wearing a woman's dress.

But on the more serious side of things we also want to branch out into our own original stuff. I'm working on a new script right now, involving a subject matter that no one to my knowledge has ever touched on before. I guess you could call it a psychological/supernatural thriller. It's tone is a lot like Pi, which wound up being one of my favorite movies. I'm more into the research phase right now, reading up on everything pertaining to this, and sorta letting the script almost write itself from that.

Then there is something else that, I had this idea last week on the drive back from Georgia and after telling Ed about it he got pretty excited. We're hoping to get the ball rolling on this soon 'cuz it'd be a pretty new and bold route to making a movie, and it would be a neat way to render some community service of a sort.

And Ed has an idea for a music video. After hearing about it, I so want to make this! Maybe around Halloween we can have it ready (hint-hint).