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Thursday, September 08, 2005

AAAAHHH it's a Crazy Frog, SHOOT IT SHOOT IT!!

This is supposed to be a big thing over in England and the rest of Europe. I guess it'll be catching on here pretty soon: every decade sees America getting some imported "cuteness" from elsewhere. In the Eighties it was the Smurfs from Belgium. Then the Nineties it was Pokemon from Japan. So Ed came by earlier tonight for dinner and afterward he showed me Crazy Frog, which is a cellular ringtone with a music video that started out in life as an imitation of a two-stroke moped engine and then a Lightwave animation. Or something. It's a blue frog. With a motorcycle helmet. And genitalia of some sort it looks like. This thing's ringtone was the #1 selling musical number in Great Britain for awhile (Coldplay even complained about its popularity). There'll be a videogame of this soon. I'll wager an RC Cola and a Moon Pie that we'll soon be seeing cutesy little stuffed animals of the Crazy Frog and t-shirts with this annoying amphibian on them. America will go nuts for the Crazy Frog. There will be a Crazy Frog movie. And then we'll all wake up the next morning like from a bad hangover and wonder why in the world did we spend bajillions of dollars on all the Crazy Frog stuff that's littering our houses. Just giving you guys advanced warning on what might be coming our way, is all. Do a Google search about the Crazy Frog to find out more.

And when you're finally sick and tired of the bloody thing, aim your shotgun and blast the frog away with the "I Hate That Frog" Flash game. I got as far as 92 meters playing it: how far can you go?


Jon said...

Make no mistake. This advice for Americans is no less important, if not more, than that for the potential Pandemic Flu outbreak. For the love of God I hope that it doesnt reach the same popularity as Pokemon and Smurfs. It has already plagued Britain, where it's position as #1 is already a clear indication as to where British music taste stands. My ears are rudely disturbed everytime my mouse accidentally moves over a Crazy Frog banner. Prepare yourselves! Then again I question America's immunity seeing how it was they who gave birth to Britney Spears.

Chris Knight said...

Somehow I'm tempted to blame Simon Cowell for this thing, if it hits this side of the pond. He was the guy most responsible for bringing the Mighty Moron Power Rangers to America, after all :-(