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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Chief Justice Rehnquist has died

I saw him preside over a Supreme Court case in January 1997. I heard from a lot of people who worked there that he was a really nice guy. A real gentleman through and through.

The bad news just keeps coming lately, it seems. A good man is gone.

I hope people are mindful about that.

This sounds horrible, but I'm wondering how long it will be before "the ghouls" come out relishing the now-vacant Supreme Court seat.

EDIT 11:22 PM EST: Well, that didn't take too long...

Hey. LiferjJudge Ginsberg doesn't look so hot either and may have to be carried out of the Supreme Court building feet first. She'll die with her boots (are made for walking) on. Then GW will get a threefer
That is honestly the #1 thing on their minds right now, believe it or not.

EDIT 11:26 PM EST: That was from Free Republic. There's also this one from Liberty Post:

Bush will get a minimum of 4 picks. Ginsburg and that old guy (Stevens?) will be next.
And this one...
A good man. God, I wish it had been that satanic witch BaderGinsburg instead.
EDIT 11:29 PM EST: I'm not even gonna bother linking to anything from Democratic Underground. There is some real nastiness going on there right now. I did take a look in there and... it's disgusting folks, trust me.

I'd be more ashamed of how some on Free Republic and Liberty Post are treating this. There are some people on those boards practically wringing their hands with delight that there's an opportunity for "their kind" of Supreme Court justice to be appointed.

Funny, but I never thought Supreme Court justices should be "conservative" or "liberal". They should have but one mindset: an abiding love for the Constitution and the desire to interpret it as best as God might guide them. It's not an office for political opportunism.

But hey, what do I know: I'm just a guy with a blog.

Rehnquist was on the court that ruled in Roe v. Wade, I just realized. Turns out he was in the minority on that one, even writing the dissenting opinion. That's the kind of justice I would rather see: a believer in judicial restraint.

I seriously doubt that either of the two sides now lining up is very much interested in that, though.


Anonymous said...

This week, one of my favorite conservative columnists (Jude Wanniski) passed away. And now, this happens... With the Hurricane Katrina disater, it seems that there is way too much tragedy going on, in way too short of a time period. This is making me sick...

Chris Knight said...

Did not know that. I'd read some of his stuff years ago. Sorry to hear about this. Yeah, seems like the bad stuff just keeps on coming and I've a gut feeling we ain't out of the woods yet :-(