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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Happy 75th Anniversary to Dagwood and Blondie!

The actual 75th won't come until later this week but today is the "official" celebration of Dagwood and Blondie Bumstead's 75th anniversary since they first appeared in the comics! I'd thought of marking the occassion by making a real Dagwood Bumstead sandwich but I gave up after seeing all the ingredients that go into it. Just as well: I don't like mayo anyway. May try this with every kind of meat imaginable someday though. Anyhoo, 75 years is a nice long stretch by any means, especially in the funny papers. So here's wishing Dagwood, Blondie, Daisy, Alexander, Cookie, Mr. and Mrs. Dithers and all the rest another good 75 years :-)

EDIT: There is a HYSTERICAL piece by David Grimes at Jewish World Review about the unsolved mysteries of Blondie. Like, how does Dagwood eat all those horridly huge sandwiches and stay so rail thin? Nice readin' in light of today's festivities :-)


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen the Blondie movies starring Arthur Lake as Dagwood and Penny Singleton as Blondie?

Made by Columbia Pictures Corporation, there are 28 films in all spanning from 1938 to 1950. Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake and Larry Simms were in all the films for 12 years.

They are an absolute delight. I'm not sure which of the Blondie movies, if any, are out on DVD.

Chris Knight said...

I saw two of them years (20 or so) ago. In one of them Dagwood ran straight into Mr. Beasley the mailman, right out of the comic strip. I remember that Daisy was in them as well. My Mom remembers them well though: she's mentioned them a few times, usually after reading a particularly funny Blondie strip.

They SHOULD be on DVD if they aren't already. It being the 75th anniversary this would be the PERFECT time for it (if no one's thought of that already). Along with the old Dennis the Menace TV show: that was a delight to watch too!

I just found out that Little Rascals and Amos 'n' Andy have been out on DVD for awhile, so maybe there's hope yet for Blondie and Dagwood. I might have to make some space on my DVD shelf for Amos 'n Andy: that was undoubtedly some of the most brilliant comedy *ever* done for television. Sadly, some of the most uncredited too. I suspect the Blondie movies might fall into that same category: time to bring 'em back out :-)

Anonymous said...

SOME Blondie films are indeed out on DVD. I'm not sure about all of them, but a few are:


During the wee late night hours on tv in the 1980's, I discovered the "Blondie" film series. They were so funny that a good laugh could help me sleep. I never forgot how much I enjoyed the films I saw. Made by Columbia Pictures Corporation, there are 28 films in all spanning from 1938 to 1950. Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake and Larry Simms were in all the films for 12 years. Larry Simms was in "Blondie" at the age of 3 until he was 15. We literally saw Larry Simms grow up to be a fine teenager and Danny Mummert too. Penny Singleton lived until November 12, 2003 at the age of 95. Her last project was doing the voice of "Jane Jetson" in Jetsons: The Movie (1990). Each film begins with a short preview of a few scenes in the film, then followed by the hilarious postman mishap. The Blondie films are warm to the heart and very enjoyable to see and I highly recommend them. They are fine for children to see.

As you may know by now after seeing the first film of the series, "Blondie" (1938), the films are wholesome and have a pure sense of humor. This second film "Blondie Meets The Boss" is just as funny as the first. If the Blondie films seem to be serious at times, please take it in light-hearted fun. Everything works out in the end. Dagwood (Arthur Lake) wears the apron this time. You might recognize the boy who plays "Alvin Fuddle". He is Danny Mummert. He played Baby Dumpling's pal beginning with the very first film, Blondie (1938), at the age of 4 until the last film, Beware of Blondie (1950), at the age of 16. Danny Mummert did 24 Blondie films in all. As always, the film ends with a happy ending and a smile on your face. Isn't Daisy a hoot?

This film, the third in the Blondie film series, takes a refreshing change of pace. The Bumsteads (Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake) finally get to take a two-week vacation. The vacation isn't exactly trouble-free though. There is much concern for Baby Dumpling (Larry Simms). This film makes a dramatic turn when Baby Dumpling gets caught inside a hotel on fire.

Just when the new mailman thought he had a new clever idea to deliver the mail to the Bumsteads without the letters literally becoming "air mail", here comes Dagwood (Arthur Lake) again! Alvin (Danny Mummert) is back to visit his pal Baby Dumpling (Larry Simms) to exert his intelligence. Today is Baby Dumpling's first day in school and not all goes well.

BLONDIE ON A BUDGET (1940) 71 min.
Dagwood (Arthur Lake) is trying to sweet talk Blondie (Penny Singleton), who is working seriously on the household budget, into giving him $200. After seeing his father put too much sugar into his coffee, Baby Dumpling (Larry Simms) spills the beans and tells his mother that daddy wants the money to join The Trout Club. Blondie wanted to buy a new fur coat. Alvin (Danny Mummert) walks in to offer social comfort, but when he offers to answer the front door, who should it be but Rita Hayworth. Here is where the fun begins. Isn't that taxi driver talented with impersonations? By the way, Baby Dumpling has his first wiggly tooth.
The next film in the series is BLONDIE HAS SERVANT TROUBLE.

The cover of this first Volume is very nice looking and the back of the case gives a little detail about each film presented (you can read more in my reviews for each film in the "Blondie" VHS section). Getting this DVD volume is a bargin, however the films have not been restored and the "Platnium Disc Corporation" logo appears in the lower right-hand corner from time to time. On VHS, the film print looks a little sharper than the DVD volumes ans on VHS there is no logo seen during the film.
DVD contains no extras, no bonuses, no inserts.