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Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm gonna try to lay off the hurricane posts for awhile

For the past several days I've been watching the Katrina tragedy, pouring over probably ever news story that's come out of it. I've been posting about a lot of them here, mainly the ones that had some particular interest for me. And I've been writing about how Katrina is effecting some things here, even far away from where the storm hit.

Mostly, this has been for my own benefit. As a personal chronicle of how I watched this story unfold. And it's still unfolding, the tragedy is becoming considerably worse if that's even possible. I'm still going to be watching this. But I also need to be "the old Chris Knight" again too. The kind of guy who finds things to laugh at and think about. Anyone who finds this blog, I hope they can go away at least mildly entertained and enlightened, and that ain't really happening right now.

So I'm going to try and cheer up some. Not ignore the Katrina story entirely, but the best thing to do - for me personally especially - would be to keep going, to not let this or anything associated with it bring life to a crawl.

There is something hurricane-related though, that I'm strongly considering that would sorta involve this blog. It may or may not happen. If it does I'll definitely be using this blog for it, if it's at all possible. 'Twould mean doing something a little radical with it, but I'd trust that it would be in good hands.

Anyways, I'll try to be that... thing, that I used to be before all this happened again :-)


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