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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Interdictor blog has been the site I've most visited the past two weeks

There's going to be a movie made about these guys someday, bank on it.


Chris Knight said...

Well, considering that it's him, his boss and a few other employees who are struggling to keep two percent of the entire Internet's websites up and running, he has more than a little vested interested in staying.

Anonymous said...

Get a clue, guys... I stumbled across this site via technorati and all I really have to say is:
That guy is the CEO's friend, period. He has never worked at DirectNIC, why do you think he has all this time to oh... moderate 5 chatrooms, blog all day and moderate comments? It's awfully heroic to bitch in chatrooms about the dire circumstances of running out of diet coke when there are people without water or food mere blocks away, dying, and you sit, in your high-rise with 23 floors of water and food, complaining about how no one's there to help those poor sad people. And how about those DirectNIC websites, eh? People may be dying, but keeping porn alive on the web is more important. Or spam, I can't keep track of which they've had more lawsuits over.

Anonymous said...

IIRC Interdictor is an employee.

Anonymous said...

He's really really not an employee. Being from NOLA, having friends who did/does work there, some since the company started... no... they're never even heard of the guy.

So, technically, I *suppose* it's possible that he's an employee that mysteriously eluded the dozens of people I've known who's gone in and out of those doors in a small 50-ish person company, but I really doubt that.

Aside: I apologize for the whole "anonymous" thing, BTW, but you can see why it's prudent.