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Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's like readying for a siege: report from a grocery store

I went to the Food Lion just down the street earlier tonight. You would think this place is about to get hit by a blizzard or something: the milk aisle had 1/10th, maybe less, of its full capacity of milk out and available. If they have any more in the back fridge they better restock fast. Otherwise... sheesh I've never seen that little milk on sale at this time of year.

Just out of curiosity I checked the availability of other items. I noticed that there was a lot less baby food and diapers, then again I don't regularly check those kinds of things 'cuz we don't have babies yet :-) Lots of bottled water gone too. Bread: didn't look like any abnormally large purchasing of that going on right now. Also, lots and lots of people out buying tonight: I don't think I've ever seen this particular Food Lion so busy.

I wasn't out doing any real "power buying" but that's what looks like a lot of people are doing right now.

Thought that much of the current situation might be worth making a note of.


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