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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon is on

It's a little different this year: it's raising money for both the Muscular Dystrophy Association and for the Hurricane Katrina victims. Jerry Lewis is lookin' good: a few years ago he didn't look so hot but he's buff enough now to do the Nutty Professor again it seems. And darn, Ed McMahon looks pretty good too! Anyway see if it's on locally and if it's not head over to the MDA website and watch a live streaming RealVideo feed of it as it happens. I had to use Internet Exploiter... I mean, Explorer to get it to work, and the RealMedia player 'course, but it's well worth a looksee if ya have the time.

And please, if you can, think about donating to the MDA during this thing.. It's a really good charity, with one of the least amounts of overhead of any nonprofit: whatever is raised at the local level stays at and is used at the local level. Every year Jerry's broken the record for the amount of money that was pledged during the last telethon... let's make him do it again!