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Monday, October 31, 2005

Don't fear Halloween... laugh at it

There were at least two or three church signs that I saw while driving around earlier this evening, that had something negative to say about Halloween. Now, to be sure, Halloween used to be a time when the Druids sacrificed virgins to their heathen gods. How we went from that to giving out a bar of Snickers to kiddies is a whole nother discussion. But let's face it: Halloween as it's practiced today is not evil. It has nothing to do with evil. In fact, I think that celebrating Halloween is actually a very much Christian thing to do: we aren't supposed to be in fear of darkness. We're supposed to be triumphant over it. When we cringe in fear over a thing, we're letting that thing have power over us when it has no right to. So put on a costume (I've been wearing my Jedi getup all day) and get in the spirit. Have some fun with Halloween, instead of cowering in fear of it.


Chad said...

I wanna see pics of you in your Jedi garb. Did you and Darth Larry get any looks or comments when you marched into Wal-Mart at midnight to pick up the Episode III DVD?

Chris Knight said...

Got plenty of 'em :-) He was wearing his Luke Skywalker Bespin shirt and his backpack with stuffed Yoda. I'll be posting pics later on. I wasn't the only Jedi there last night though: a friend of Darth Larry's from UNC-G was there, in a REALLY good Jedi outfit. We all got good comments on our attire :-)