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Friday, October 14, 2005

The Top Ten Best GHOST PHOTOGRAPHS Ever Taken

The other night I happened to catch Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi Channel. It’s an hour-long show that follows the members of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) as they investigate reputedly haunted locations, in an attempt to document and de-bunk supposed ghostly infestations. I'd never seen the show before but I came away very impressed by these guys: they're regular working joes – the founders are Roto-Rooter plumbers by day – who do their investigations on nights and weekends in a completely professional and ethical manner. They scrutinize everything and make thorough reports to the proprietors of the sites they look into. If there's nothing that can't be explained, they say so. If there is bizarre stuff going on that doesn't fit on the charts, they report that too, without embellishing it for what it might or might not be.

It made me recollect a night a little over five years ago, when I was part of a ghost hunt. There were about seven or eight of us – two reporters (myself included), a professional photographer, and a selection of other responsible individuals – that a newspaper sent in to spend the night at what is said to be one of the most famously haunted hotels in America. It was meant to be "part Scooby-Doo and part Blair Witch", my editor said. We were supposed to treat it seriously, but also have some fun while we were there: not to take it TOO seriously. 'Cuz then we might fall into the trap of believing things that our subconscious minds wanted us to believe. Our editor worked it out with hotel management for us to have what was supposed to be the most haunted room in the entire place to use as our homebase: we'd meet back every hour and swap notes. In the meantime we were free to go wherever, just so long as we didn't bother the guests. We didn't have anything like electro-magnetic field detectors or night-view videocameras, but we did have several photographic cameras (including one loaded with infrared film) and my audio tape recorder that I used to speak notes into and record whatever else.

Long story short: we came away from that night with more than we expected. A lot more. There's a photograph taken that night that I wish I could post here, but the copyright belongs to someone else, so it wouldn't be right for me to do that. I made myself look at it again after watching Ghost Hunters, even though five years later it still gives me the freezing willies. We took several pics with the infrared film: in four of the photos (including two from the "haunted" room) there are unexplained signatures that show up. It's the one in the hallway that's really disturbing: it was the day after we got the photos back that we realized there was a woman's face hanging neck-high in mid-air down the hallway. There was nothing there when we took the photo, and don't ask me why we chose to take a picture at that exact moment: the whole story is coming someday from another venue, and I don't want to steal their thunder by talking about it here. There was also the matter of my tape recorder: it picked up some very spooky sounds – a voice whispering – while we were in another building on-site. There were two people in that room at the time, and this wasn't a voice from either of us.

Do I believe in ghosts? Well, given the evidence we collected firsthand that night, I now admit to believing that there's something we can’t explain in terms of the normal world that’s at work here. My own personal theory? If there are such things as ghosts, I don't believe they're "spiritual" in nature at all. My thinking is that they are some kind of "recording" left in a place that sometimes replays itself: a recording in time and space. It might have something to do with quantum physics. Or this might all be a little too wacky anyway. But you tell me: would you say you don't believe in spooks if your tape recorder picked up a weird voice saying "Let me out..."?

Anyway, at the time I wound up doing a lot of research into real-life hauntings, including the many apparent photographs of ghosts taken over the years. Some I'd seen before and others were brand-new to me. It's been something I've made an occasional study on in the years since. A number of them "stuck with me". Since we're now getting into the Halloween season, I thought it might be fun (and maybe even horizon-broadening) if I shared here what I thought were the top ten ghostly photographs taken to date.

So far as I can tell, these are the real deal. Meaning that they've been sifted through with a fine-tooth comb by people who know photography and have withstood all scrutiny. These are the pictures that simply can't be explained, or at least haven't yet according to anything we can explain currently. That doesn't leave very many photos for serious consideration: there are tons of professed ghost photos. Most of them are explained away with extreme ease: Too many "ghosts" are simply camera straps that got in the way of the lens. Ghostly "orbs" are probably nothing more than light scintillating off of dust particles. Some ghostly images are mere double exposures (an example of which is glimpsed in the movie The Godfather). Occam's Razor applies bigtime here: the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one. Tends to be, that is...

So with all that in mind, for your viewing pleasure (and excluding the one photo that I've already said I can't show here, even though it's really unsettling to look at) and just in time for Halloween, here are what I consider to be:

10. "The Brown Lady" of Raynham Hall

This photo was taken in 1936 at Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, by two photographers of Country Life magazine. Raynham Hall was long reputed to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend, who died in 1726. The ghost had been seen on many occasions throughout the years when it was spotted descending these stairs by the Country Life photographers, who quickly took a snapshot. This is considered by many to be the most highly regarded and reputable photograph by a ghost yet made.

9. The Hampton Court Ghost

This one became fairly well known after it was released in December of 2003. Hampton Court, near London, was one of Henry VIII's favorite hangouts (it's because of him that Anne Boleyn is now a headless ghost roaming the Tower of London). A fire door inside the castle kept being opened when no one was supposed to be around. Guards checked the security cameras' videotape... and spotted this figure in period costume walking through the door. Castle personnel swear they don't know who did this, noting that they don't even have a costume that looks like this. 'Course this could be some prankster at work, but I felt this was yet worthy of including in my top ten list... until we ever find out otherwise. It might turn out to have just been some tourist in an overcoat. Anyway if you want to watch the actual footage of the specter opening the door L.E.M.U.R. Investigations has it on their website.

8. The Newby Church Monk

Reverend K.F. Lord took a picture of the altar at his church in North Yorkshire, England (why are the GOOD ghosts always found in England?) and this is what came out. The picture and the negative are said to have been thoroughly examined by photographic experts and they can't find any evidence that this was either a double exposure, or artificially altered. The "thing" is calculated to be standing nine feet tall, and no one's found any record of a monk that humongous ever being at Newby Church. Who is it? What is it? Trick of light or something else? Either way it's way too creepy to not mention on this list.

7. The Bed-Ridden Boy

I found this one at the L.E.M.U.R. website also. The photo was taken in 1999 at the Historic Worley B&B Inn in Dahlonega, Georgia (YES finally ghosts in our neck of the woods!). It wasn't until four years later that this photo – which seems to show a figure resting on a bed – was really given notice. It's thought that this might be the ghost of a young man who died in the house in the 1800s after being struck by a train, and if you go to L.E.M.U.R.'s page you can find a picture of the lad (when he was still alive) to compare this photo with.
6. Freddy Jackson's Comeback

Freddy Jackson was a mechanic in the Royal Air Force in World War I. Freddy Jackson's squadron served onboard the H.M.S. Daedalus. Freddy Jackson was killed in 1919 when an airplane propeller hit him. Two days later when the squadron assembled for a group photo, Freddy Jackson faithfully showed up, grinning behind the ear of a fellow comrade. Guess nobody bothered to tell Freddy Jackson that he was dead. His face was widely recognized in this photo by members of the squadron.

5. His Favorite Chair

Remember how Archie Bunker liked his recliner so much that he never let anyone else sit in it? Well, ol' Archie doesn't have anything on Lord Combermere. After being ran over by a horse-drawn carriage he died in 1891. A photographer set up a camera with its shutter open for one hour in the manor's library while the entire staff was off at Lord Combermere's funeral, some four miles away. When the plate was developed, the startling image of what looks to be a man's head and arm sitting in the chair was immediately noticed. Many of the staff said that the image looked very much like the late lord, and it happened to be sitting in Combermere's favorite chair in the library.
4. Darn Backseat Drivers!

In 1959 Mable Chinnery went to the cemetery to visit the grave of her mother, as any devoted daughter is apt to do. She took some photos of the gravesite and then turned and took this picture of her husband sitting alone in the car's passenger seat. The film was developed and this came out: somebody sitting in the backseat wearing glasses, clear as day. Mrs. Chinnery swore that the "backseat driver" was none other than her own mother... whose gravesite she was standing next to when she took the picture! Hmmmm... a live husband and a deceased mother-in-law looking over his shoulder: there's a joke here, I just know it.

3. What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

Ike Clanton is from the same family that produced the Clanton gang of O.K. Corral fame. He’s obviously proud of his heritage, and he shows it on his website TombstoneArizona.com. Back in 1996 Ike Clanton took this photo of a friend wearing western duds, in the middle of Tombstone's Boothill Graveyard. They swear that nobody else was in sight when they made this picture. Furthermore, some time later they tried to restage this picture with someone standing at the spot where the "mystery man" appears in the background. Ike Clanton says that it was impossible to take such a picture and not show the rear person's legs. Clanton said he wasn't so sure about Tombstone being haunted, but this photo made a believer out of him. There's so much ghostly activity going on in the famous town that Clanton's set up a special section of his website dedicated to Tombstone's population of yesteryear. Well worth checking out, if nothing else than for the sense of history that this excellent website conveys.

2. "And the sea gave up the dead which were in it..."

I first saw this photo over twenty years ago. It was the first "ghost photo" I ever came across and it still wigs me out to look at it. In 1924 James Courtney and Michael Meehan, two crewmen of the tanker S.S. Watertown, were accidentally killed by gas fumes while cleaning a cargo tank. The crew of the Watertown - on its way to the Panama Canal from New York City – buried the two sailors at sea off the Mexican coast. That was on December 4th. On December 5th the first mate reported that the faces of Courtney and Meehan were appearing in the water off the port side of the ship. Over the next several days every member of the crew witnessed the faces appear and disappear, including the ship's captain. When he reported this to his supervisors after docking in New Orleans it was suggested that he try to photograph the faces. Captain Keith Tracy bought a camera and the ship was soon underway again. Sure enough, the faces appeared, and Tracy took six pictures, then secured the camera in the ship's vault. The camera was not removed until it was taken to a commercial developer after docking in New York City. Five of the photos showed nothing unusual, but the sixth clearly showed what was said to be the faces of the two dead crewmen. No evidence of forgery or tampering of the film was ever discovered. The faces stopped appearing after a new crew was brought aboard the Watertown.
1. Come On Baby, Light My Fire

Of all the ghost photos I've seen (well, except for that one that I can't show at the present time), this one is hands-down the most eerie. Probably the most disturbing too. I didn't know about this one until a few months ago. Almost ten years ago, on November 19th, 1995, Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England was engulfed in flames and burned to the ground. As firefighters tried to stave off the inferno a town resident, Tony O'Rahilly, took pictures from across the street using a telephoto lens on his camera. There, rather clearly in one of the photos, is what looks very much to be a small girl standing in a doorway, with the brightness of the flames behind her. No one ever remembered there being a small girl present on scene, much less in that close a proximity to the fire. The photo and the original negative were turned over to a photo expert who decided that the picture was 100% authentic: "The negative is a straightforward piece of black-and-white work and shows no sign of having been tampered with." Okay, so what's a girl ghost doing in such a big fire? Well in 1677 a fire destroyed many of Wem’s wooden houses. The fire was said to have been caused by a 14-year old girl named Jane Churm, who had been careless with a candle. Churm died in the fire along with several others, and her ghost is said to still haunt the area. Whether there's such a thing as ghosts or not, it must be said: if this is just a trick, an illusion of smoke and fire that happened to be captured on film, it's a zillion-to-one coincidence that it just so happened to appear in the form of a girl who also died in a terrible fire at the same location. But hey, stranger things than that have happened in this world, right?
And there you have it, my personal list of the best ghost photographs (or not) taken so far. But before I close out this article, I want to make mention of just one more photograph: one that I found while doing some research ("The Best Ghost Photographs Ever Taken" at About.com’s Paranormal Phenomenon site was a HUGE help, as was the website for L.E.M.U.R. Paranormal Investigations). This photo is, ahhh geez what else can I say about this: if this is the real deal, then there's something cosmically sweet about this picture. Some people say that love is forever... well, this might be the first time ever that we've got documented proof of that. I’ll let Denise Russell take it from here, courtesy of About.com’s Paranormal Phenomena:
"The lady in the color photo is my granny," she says. "She lived on her own until age 94, when her mind started to weaken and had to be moved to an assisted living home for her own safety. At the end of the first week, there was a picnic for the residents and their families. My mother and sister attended. My sister took two pictures that day, and this is one of them. It was taken on Sunday, 8/17/97, and we think the man behind her is my grandpa who passed away on Sunday, 8/14/84. We did not notice the man in the picture until Christmas Day, 2000 (granny had since passed away), while browsing through some loose family photos at my parents' house. My sister thought it was such a nice picture of granny that she even made a copy for mom, but still, nobody noticed the man behind her for over three years! When I arrived at my parents' house that Christmas day, my sister handed me the picture and said, "Who do you think this man behind granny looks like?" It took a few seconds for it to sink in. I was absolutely speechless. The black and white photos show that it really looks like him."
I don't need what might be a ghost's photograph to attest to this truth: when you're in love with that one special someone, nothing will stop you from being with that person. But it's still pretty nice to get a tangible confirmation of that every once in awhile...


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Chris Knight said...

You mean just above the van? Yeah it suggests that a bit, but that's probably just trees and shadow if anything. Not that THAT explains how the other image got into the picture though :-)

This is going to sound bad, but when I first saw "grandfather" I immediately thought that it looked *exactly* like Carel Struycken. He played "the Giant" on Twin Peaks, and then Lurch in the Addams Family movies.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the backseat driver photo. The man in the front seat is not in the passenger seat but rather the drivers seat. The steering wheel is clearly in front of him.

Is the picture reversed or is it perhaps an English car?

Chris Knight said...

You're right. I'm assuming this pic was taken in England then. Again, the British get the cool ghosts :-)

Anonymous said...

To me in the grandmaw pic the thing behind her looks like one of the robots from the movie I robots.
I feel like someone was playing a joke here.I REALLY don't feel like it is real.

Anonymous said...

I love sentences like "The picture and the negative are said to have been thoroughly examined by photographic experts and they can't find any evidence that this was either a double exposure, or artificially altered."

Especially the 'are said' bit is choice. Also, I love these unnamed 'experts'. Aren't they convenient?

Ghosts = hogwash + gullible people.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous above. Ghosts are nothing more than a trick of the light and mind.


Because noone has been able to produce repeatable, verifiable evidence of a ghost.

You would think that with ALL the 'haunted' places out there, and ALL the cheap camera phones, digital cameras, web cams, and camcorders, we would be awash in ghost photos.

Instead... nothing. Oh, maybe you might get some 'orbs' (dust particles) or some trick of light and shadow occasionally.

But until you can take the same picture of a ghost, with multiple cameras, in the same place, on different days, then it's all just wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

You would not believe true evidence if you were to take or gather it yourself. The net is full of true evidence, yet your rational mind will not allow for this simple belief.

black Sunshine said...

the other figure in the last picture looks just like the monk in #8!! it IS!

Anonymous said...

#8 is a photoshop of the scary character from the scream movies done by someone from the somethingawful.com forums.

Anonymous said...

I'm a ghost tour operator in St. Augustine Florida. I caught a little girl at the light house looking at our tour from inside the museum which was closed. It was at night.
Come and visit.

Anonymous said...

People are often close minded and even superstitious when offered truths as others have seen it. But the other realms are simply a "thin veil" away. Self realization is the only answer that is acceptable to skeptics. It only takes one time(one apparition) to change the closed mind. Yes, I've seen one myself, and my skepticism flew out the door, so to speak. Just wait until your turn comes. Have a good Halloween, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Boy that "girl: in the window of the picture at www.ghostaugustine.com looks to me like...

a blurry spot on the picture. I don't buy this one at all - total BS.

Unknown said...

As much as I would want to believe them, by opening any of these and saving them in photoshop, as is the last one with the grandmother, doesn't leave much to trust

Anonymous said...

Unpredictably the critics and skeptics sound off once again and consumed in the tech age science is their logic ?
Yet the thousands of years before this era mankind knew this was no fiction and we all worshipped with what we not only knew what we beleived !
I unfortunately have seen enough near death and and know this is not fiction ,and only when we are on the edge or end of this life ,will this majority as all of us even the most staunch allies of atheism or raffi,sm know.
That is when they Will suddenly beleive what is the all powerful ethereal reality that (allows) us a look when they deem it not science technology nor money not us!
unless it is our time to walk among them !!!3A trick of photowork or two yes but not all of them.
If we cannot look within we will never look without
Ignorance is not bliss it,s stupidity .........Dr Hoffmann

Anonymous said...

you nonbelievers really need to do more research. there is plenty of evidence out there- you just have to look.

Anonymous said...

The idea of ghost has probably been around since the first person ever to die died. The whole notion of ghosts being photographed is completely nutty, with all due respect, and nothing but a tool used to fool the foolish.
Do Space Aliens have ghosts? Now that would be something.

Anonymous said...

The ability to consistantly 'prove' or 'show' something means nothing.
Try searching the hutchinson experiment on google video and watch it. There are only a handfull of times that he was able to catch sucess on film, and it's al legit, but he cannot produce the effect on demmand.
Nothing to do with ghosts, jusst the way things work.

Anonymous said...

OK, people. For one thing an open mind is always best. For another thing I believe these photos are real, and you guys useing bad launguage to prove they aren't is crud. What does that prove?
Any way, out to these person who put this together thank you. It's awesome!
There is something supernaterual going on, that has been for some time, and I think God has either let the "spirits" come down from heaven to visit or that the "spirits" are waiting for the return of Christ. That one about the Grandmother, I believe it totally and truely.

Peace out and if you don't believe it don't read up on it!!!

Anonymous said...

In number 6, Freddy Jackson's comeback, where is he? The only guy I see that looks like the guy he's hiding behind is top row, fourth from the left, but I dont see Mr. Jackson there.
Is he hidden by the close-up circle or something?

Anonymous said...

Great pics...But I have to agree that there appears to be a face above the van in the grandmother shot...Can you get that part blown up? also in the shot above that one on the right (grandfather with feet up, reading a book) look on the dark panneling above and left of him...There is an image there, unless there is a portrait on that wall that is not showing up well due to lighting.

Moccasinman said...

Thanks for sharing these photos.I have seen photo's no one tampered with of cemetaries where several spirit images appear where the headstones are. Each one had a distinct personality look but actually look like living people posing for a photograph. I tried to get copies of the photos but the Native woman who took them would not give me copies because
she thought they were to sacred to share,She knew I would want to publish them.She was not a skilled person with a camera or computer and the photos were developed at a
local drug store.
There is something going on between the living and the dead. I am not sure if we use the right terms to describe what that is.
I have experienced too much spirit
activity on a personal level to
to not understand that there is a reality there as well.
However it is quite evasive and we probably won't know the answers until we die.
Keep up the good work you did pick the best photos.
Your Grandma and Grampa photo's are somrthing else!!!!
Thanks for sharing Clarence G.

bubschumpert said...

bub says:
I had a high school teacher named Rountree who had in her possession a photo of one or two young boys standing on a porch to a early home with a door and windows on each side of the door. I actually saw this photo and when the background was examined closely, I could see through an open window a casket with an open lid. Others had told me of this photo and Miss Roundtree told of a copy of the photo located in another state and she would call and point out new things in the photo and the person in the other location would discribe new things in their copy of the photo.
Big Spring, TX

Anonymous said...

I'm reading this in the afternoon and I'm really spooked. Thanks for sharing these, I wish you could share the "scariest" one though. The picture of that 14 year old girl is so creepy, I wouldn't scroll up and look at it again.

Anonymous said...

If ghosts arent real then why did my 18 month old son start waving to the empty corner of his room and saying hi grandma ? Especially since she had died 3 days before !

There are things beyond are limited comprehension that we are taught not to believe. What is real and what isnt ? Only time will tell! The earth is round now, isnt it?

Anonymous said...


Perhaps your child is retarded? That would explain it?

This isn't real: how dumb you are.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a skeptic -- and I won't try to convince anyone here because its a wonderful thing to be that way. Until of course we started having unusual occurences in our house. Fleeting glimpses of a white figure moving down the corridor. The sensation of someone walking right behind you. Being woken up by a gentle nudge or tap.

Yeah I used to attribute all this to stress etc. Until one day I called a psychic (who I'd never met before) and the tale she told me sent shivers down my spine. She was told by one of the spirits, an old man, that he felt sorry for me and often stood behind me as I worked (on my computer) through the night. Now this woman had NO idea what I did for a living and could not possibly have known I worked nights, etc. Still creeps me out.

So yeah, I envy those of you who are skeptics. Then something like this happens and it changes you forever.

Anonymous said...

Thats cause you have demons in your house...and they will only get worse...and if you dabble in the psychic crap...its gonna get worse cause you entertain them. So have fun.

Anonymous said...

I also see a hooded figure in the pic of your grandmother. If you look to the left of the van by the thing that looks like a fence post toward the rear of the van. It could be the angel of death. After all it is a nursing home. And i dont mean any disrespect by that comment.

Anonymous said...

Well theres about 50 billion pics of ghost out there.. Seems that its just never enough? are you always in the same place at the same time everyday? Why would it be/ What a stupid point to make.. And if they named the expert would you know them?? lol. a 2 second trick of light that shows an entire person? In detail? WOW those are cool tricks..

Anonymous said...

I dont know what it is about kids...

but when I was young....TWICE...i saw a young version of my brother..when i walked down our hallway...it was for a split second..but he was digging in a box in a room, the other time he was walking across the hall. At the time he was about twice the age of the figure i saw. Was freaky...my sister and parents thought it was kinda scary.

Anonymous said...

is this true?

Anonymous said...

oh...and me and a young girl were playing with our friends...me and her were holding hands...and a skeleton like head flashed over some bushes...

but she saw the same thing and described it when i freaked out.

Has never happened again...must have something to do with being a young kid open to the world like that..

Anonymous said...

I want to explain more about my brother....from my sisters side of the story...cause i was kinda to young to remember all the details...

She said I just walked back into the living room...and said I just say my brother sitting on the bed..digging through a box...and explained so perfect how he looked..clothes and all.

But when I remember was turning my head...and it flashed infront of my eyes in the room and went away...i was to scared to run...all i remember.

It freaks me out to this day cause it happened to ME...I wasnt listening to someone else or watching a movie...those 3 events made me feel like something was messing with me on purpose...fucking freaky.

Anonymous said...

I'm not one that's going to get in to any name calling contest with anybody here. Won't be any chance of that since I likely will not return here. Not that I have anything against the site, it's great. I came I saw and I'm going to leave my comment as I go.

I think they are interesting photos. None of them in my opinion constitute proof. I don't think they could find any records of a 9ft monk, because there never was a 9ft monk. I believe the fact a 9ft monk appeared on the photo PROVES it is either the product of some kind of tampering or double exposure or something. I would also say this shows that the unnamed "experts" showed a weakness or possibly credibility issues. They were unable to expose any tampering or anything with this picture and yet all the logic in the world suggests there is no 9ft tall ghost roaming the place.

One person said that ghosts move around just like we do, apparently to explain why people can't get LOTS of pictures of the same ghost. This person must not even take a cursory study of the subject before deciding they are a full on believer. Most of the ghost stories I hear, including several examples in the 10 pictures here are of ghosts that tend to show up in the same place all the time. So why aren't there LOTS of pictures from different people and different cameras of THOSE ghosts?

I would like to hear one of these "experts" explain how they could prove a photo was not a double-exposure if the person who produced the photo purposely double-exposed it and was smart enough to hide any evidence it was double-exposed. I believe it would be simple to do I believe I could do it.

Do I believe it's POSSIBLE any of these are actually pictures of ghosts? Sure I do. I wouldn't be here if I thought it was 100% impossible for there to be ghosts.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that these days you seem to have to have a digital camera to get a picture of a ghost? Some of these were taken before digital.

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff, but I agree. People who go to cemetaries to get ghost photos every weekend aren't exactly objective, are they? A few particles of dust reflecting the flash, and some smoke from their cigarrette, and they've captured irrefutable evidence! Still, this list has some cool ones. BTW a photo doesn't have to be double-exposed for someone to jump into frame halfway through a long exposure.

Anonymous said...

Where is Freddy Jackson in the group photo?

Nic said...

Well, with photography, you can expose the same frame with more than one different shot, thereby creating this sort of ghost effect. Its pretty easy to do.

And I really don't think there is actually any evidence other than people telling you what they saw, these pictures, and maybe people experiencing ghosts themselves. The mind is very powerful. Anyway, nothing can ever be proved, only disproved.

Anonymous said...

Reply to: "skeleton like head"
You don't live in greensboro, nc
by any chance do you?

Anonymous said...

I always wondered... how can someone prove that ghosts really exist? I mean, I'm not sure what kind of evidence would be necesary to prove, beyond any doubt, that ghosts DO exist... Any ideas? Perhaps some kind of physical evidence, like... a photograph? :)
Now, seriously, if ghosts do exist, we are completely stuck: a skeptic won't believe no matter what (as i said, how do you prove a ghost?), until he/she sees one himself, then (s)he becomes a believer too and is seen by other skeptics as a dumb.
And, by the way, amazing site!

Anonymous said...

Nahanni: You're right. I'm dead thick me, two degrees, a great job, a beautiful wife. If by emotionally retarded you mean I have no need for the esteem of idiots (that's you lot by the way) then I guess that's what I am.

There is so much ignorant gibberish on this page, for example "there are things beyond are limited comprehension that we are taught not to believe." It's like being back at school, listening to this wishy-washy, low-brow crap.

The Times Observer said...

Unlike Anonymous and Scott, there is enough evidence that ghosts are real. Let's put it this way: I'm a journalist and in my profession stories are reported that when at least two people witness a crime and tell the police what happen, that is enough to start an investigation.

Now, we're talking about haunted places that have had countless witnesses, in some cases, hundreds of years. So, there must be something to it.

In addition, there are pictures and audio recordings of ghosts. Some are great, others not so great. There is enough out there makes non-believers into believers and even scientists investigated.

Anonymous said...

In #8 the ghost of Freddy Jackson is behind the guy positioned in the back row, 4th from the left.

Anonymous said...

Make that #6, Freddy Jackson's comeback.

Anonymous said...

I know ghosts are real becaue I have seen my great grandpa many times. And so has my mother when I was very sick when I was a young boy. If you ever have an experience like that than you will stop with this BS about how you need countless photographs to know they exist.

Anonymous said...

I always have to laugh when I read comments from someone who is "convinced" there are no ghosts.

I've had many encounters -- some good, some bad -- but let me assure you all -- they exist.

I would love to be present when these "non/believers" meet their first proof of life -- after death. It would be delicious...............

Anonymous said...

I have seen most of these pictures before, some are obviously fakes, and known to be -- #9 specifically.

#7 is obviously someone left the lens open, climbed into bed, and then closed the shutter. You can even see the motion blur of the person getting into the bed. The well over exposed lights also give away the long exposure time.

#5 is exactly the same thing as #7; and the description even gives the clue to it.

#4 is a lighting artifact, nothing else.

#3 is a bad photoshop job.

Grandma could easily be a photoshop job, it sorta has the signs of it.

The website listed as www.ghostaugustine.com has "pictures of ghosts" and "Orbs". Well the orbs are nothing more then water spots on the lens - one picture you can tell it is raining - the other shots are just too blurry to tell anything.

I belive that there could be ghosts and most likely are ghosts but not all of the pics on this site are of ghosts (some might be).

Anonymous said...

It's harder to prove that tachyons exist than to snap a photo of a ghost. Still, scientists are working on particle physics and string theory. Until the underlying physics (or metaphysics) are understood, none of this will be repeatable under controlled circumstances.

My personal theory is that these "ghosts" are really echoes, imprints left behind somehow, and that the presence of people affects them. If the triggers for these echoes are as complex as the emotional and physical conditions which created them, it's no wonder they aren't predictable.

Anonymous said...

Closed-minded skeptic = one who is ignorant of any evidence that doesn't fit their limited world view

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Scott M. It really cracks me up when people will pass off pictures with dust particles on the lens as "orbs". Why do so many people reject the most realistic explanation?

However, I love these 10 pics. Real or not, they are fun to look at, and they are all very creepy.

Anonymous said...

As a photographer I am a skeptic, I have never seen, let alone photographed, any ghost. But beyond any doubt I believe they exist and can make their presence known in other ways. While some ghosts may be lost and confused souls that can't break their bond with this world, many are loved ones that stay to watch over us. My wife and I were awakened one night by the doorbell. I grabbed a flashlight and opened the door to find no one there. As the walkways were all wet there should have been wet footprints on our porch but there were none. Seconds later as I stood in the hallway with flashlight in hand, we were hit by a 5.0 earthquake. What better position could I have been in to be ready for such an event? This is just one of many odd circumstances in my life where seemingly help was rendered from beyond. A friend once recounted me how as they listened to their child from another room over a baby monitor they heard the voice of the grandmother talking and cooing to the baby. They ran to the room to find the baby awake and laughing but alone. The grandmother had actually passed away months before.
Call it all nonsense if you will, but you can be damn sure that someday when I'm gone I'm going to do what I can to hang around and watch over my family and help out in whatever way possible, and maybe even play a few tricks just for fun.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, no one has been able to "prove" the existance of God either. lol Basically if you want to get technical, the only proof we have of God is a Book, whose origins are a bit 'sktechy' at best. Yet, millions believe. I'm a skeptic, definately, but not about ghosts. I've had 2 different experiences with them, they're ther eal deal, even if we can't explain them.

Anonymous said...

For everyone asking for proof- I have only one question for you:

Can you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that ghosts do NOT exist? Nope- can't prove it, can't disprove it. To negate the possibility without proof is a bit ignorant....don't you agree? I really hope my kids do not grow up with this insane, narrow minded view of the world. For the narrow minded: I feel for you, really I do. Best of luck navigating this world with blinders on.

By the By: Freddie Jackson's pic is the creepiest.

Anonymous said...

Since shortly after the camera was invented, there have been conmen who attempted to make a living selling photographs of "spirits," most of which were actually double exposures.

Many of these early hucksters (William H. Mumler in 1869 was the earliest that I know of) were tried and convicted of fraud. Over the last 150 years, thousands of other photographers, both professional and amateur have replicated and improved upon those early efforts. Some do it for the money, some for the noteriety, and others just for the fun of perpetrating a hoax against a gullible public. As several other posters have noted, many of the images on this page are fraudulent or could be reproduced with a simple trick.

As for personal ghost experiences, remember that your senses and memory are anything but infallible. This is especially true for memories of experiences you had when you were a child. Self deception comes naturally to humans, and your memories can rapidly be colored by confirmation bias and social pressure. The acceptance of human fallibility is one of the key tenants of science, and the reason why science requires double-blind studies and results that can be reproduced.

On cold winter nights I can often hear a rustling and clanging from the floor below me. Is it a ghost? No. It's a 100 year old house with a forced-water heating system. Just because you can't think of a natural explanation from something does not mean that there must be a supernatural one.

Anonymous said...

Skeptics will always be skeptics. It doesn't matter what evidence exists, or whether it is repeated or not. Skeptics will always try to explain things away as a trick of light, etc., no matter how good the evidence is to the contrary.

Did George Washington, the first president of the United States exist? Please show me the evidence. Remeber, it cannot be written words or eye-witness accounts, as that is not scientific evidence. Nor can it be documents written or signed by this so-called George Washington fellow, as they can all be fake. According to the skeptic, George Washington never existed, nor has just about anything else.

Anonymous said...

i couldnt disagree more. until you have an experience of your own, you can scoff all you want. you guys need to understand that the realm of ghosts is not fully understood. if it was they would be normal not paranormal. no one may ever fully understand these beings or their behaviors. for all we know we maybe but ghosts to them. also, i believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions but within limits. its all fine and dandy that you choose not to believe but please dont call those of us who do gullible. i do believe but i dont believe everything that i hear or see. it is up to all of us to make our own decisions on this topic. there are things out there that can not and should not be written off as tricks of light and shadow. we have all this technology at our fingertips so i propose this, instead of seeing what is beyond this planet in outer space, maybe we should use this technology to prove or disprove any and all paranormal phenomena such as ghosts. we should understand more of the worlds that exist beside ours, within our own instead of above it in the stars. maybe if we did that and had a scientific theory all you skeptics would take the scientists word for it just like every other 'theory' out there with 'scientific' proof.

Martin Diers said...

Ah yes. No evidence whatsoever of spirits. "Until you can take the same picture..." then all the existing evidence, no matter how extensive, is bunk, useless, lies, deception. My what brilliant, thoughtful, and thoroughly logical reasoning!

I'm sorry, but it takes too much faith to be that kind of a skeptic. I just don't have it in me! But then again, I'm probably one of those "gullible people".

What outrageous arrogance!

Anonymous said...

Closed-minded skeptic = one who is ignorant of any evidence that doesn't fit their limited world view

Why do us skeptics always have to be called closed-minded? I'm a pretty open guy, but that doesn't mean I have to believe everything shown to me. And I for one, do not believe any photos of ghosts, there are too many tricks of the trades when it comes to photos and videos.

As for the question that someone asked earlier: Can you disprove ghosts? Wow! Great reach around! Yeah, I actually can, it's called no evidence of them existing... No evidence of said subject existing, means that the subject is disproven. Thus, I have proven they do not exist.

I should become a freakin' rocket scientist...

Anonymous said...

Listen, I am a darkroom photographer, you don't need photoshop to create illusions like that first one. I'm not saying that ghosts/spirits don't exsit, I feel the only way to believe in ghosts is to have a real live experience with one and not a picture. You can't always believe your eyes.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that spirits exist.
Why, even the Bible speaks of spirits. But it also warns us not to tamper with or speak with the Dead...

Anonymous said...

about that last picture,i was shocked when i saw the man but i was almost scared when i realized that the dark figure in the backround resembled a reeper i pondered a thought that maybe the reeper was bringing him(grandpa)back for the photograh.
P.S.I love the Harry Potter siries and i have read every book 4 times and just so you know,i am 11 years old:)*(:
(my mom showed me this site)

Unknown said...

I made one of the Anonymous posts above (at 3:29 PM, October 19, 2006), and I'd like to respond to the posts since then.

You're right about one thing Anonymous (5:13 PM, October 19, 2006): it's literally impossible to prove anything except for mathematical theorums and that our own minds exist. But we can make informed decisions with the available evidence. And the evidence for the existence of George Washington is so much better (a large body of interlocking and self-supporting evidence) than the evidence for ghosts (images and pictures, many of which are known to be fraudulent... as well as personal experiences that can be explained by a psychologist or neurologist) that to compare the two is laughable.

Kista, you're right that if it were possible to detect or analyze ghosts, they would be within the realm of the natural. Unfortunately, they have yet to be detected or analyzed in a controlled setting, placing them squarely in the supernatural realm of Santa and that monster that lived in my closet when I was a kid. People have been trying and failing for years to provide any solid evidence of ghosts and their failure has not stopped people from believing. On the other hand, real science has increased the quality of life drastically for anyone willing and able to reap its benefits.

Mwdiers, I'm not sure if your sarcastic name-calling and straw man (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man) portrayal of skeptics really add much to the discussion.

As a general point concerning several supernatural phenomena, I suggest reading about the period between sleep and wakefulness known as hypnagogia in which people sometimes experience vivid sensations that they interpret as supernatural.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your ghost photos with us Coast-to-Coast AM fans. They were both interesting and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I finally went to the link with the orbs. Man, that is some pretty damning evidence of ghosts, I mean orbs, it all makes sense now. Man, and the believers call the skeptics close-minded.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This argument is getting very old. Someone needs to be merciful and shoot it to death, please! End its misery.

Let's be honest here folks, both skeptics and believers alike are looking foolish. We are all foolish creatures, and there is nothing we can do about it. Perception itself is flawed, and we are forced to believe that the details of our lives are real. I believe that I exist, and that this article was written by another human. I have no proof of either because, again, perception is fallible and no tangible 'proof' of anything will ever exist. Believe whatever you want and spare our eyes of your petty insults and retorts. The members of both 'sides' who try to insult each others supposed 'intellect' are quite laughable. Comments like, "I have two degrees!" and "Your post reads like it was written by a mildly retarded 6 year old" are magical. Kudos to the people bickering here, the verbal hair-pulling going on is the creepiest thing about this article.

Anonymous said...

awesome list, i would have used the exact same pictures if i was making a list of my own but perhaps in a slightly different order :p :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a believer or a skeptic, I personally tend to go with whatever the best evidence I can find. It's impossible to speak of the authenticity with any authority, so I won't, but a couple of weird things strike me. Why are 90% of these "ghost" photos taken under the exact same stereotypical ghost situations? Bad lighting, over-exposure, terrible quality... It's like back when UFO movies started coming out. Before War of the Worlds, there was no report of flying saucers. But immediately afterwards and even until this day, they're suddently way more common. This whole ghost situation seems like the same thing to me. People see what they want to see, and vise versa. Suddenly every time a believer sees a fragment of light or whatever that looks weird, they jump to conclusions. I'm not saying they don't exist, but until either myself, or someone i know says they've seen something, I can't help but remain a skeptic.
Also I'd be curious to see how many believers are religious, and how many skeptics aren't. I'd be willing to bet there's a high correlation

Anonymous said...

Benjamin, the G.W. comparison to ghosts is laughable. That's why I posted it. Two extreme examples to point out one thing - the human race is in its infancy and still doesn't know jack about jack. My father first brought forth this argument with me. He is an ex physics professor.

But, hold on. Maybe comparing the two isn't that laughable. Maybe it is the human thought process, and the human mind that is laughable. After all, in your argument you say that the existence of G.W. is supported by a large body of interlocking and self-supporting evidence. Is it really? Were you alive then? Can you tell me without a doubt that he lived, and can you prove that without a shadow of a doubt? No, you can't. Nobody can, period. Not SCIENTIFICALLY. And in the end, it is SCIENTIFIC evidence skeptics seek when it comes to "ghosts."

Also, remember that scientists, just 30 years ago, said animals do not think. They said everything an animal does is based on instict, with no learning or thought process involved. What are they saying now?

Anonymous said...

Freddy jackson's ghost is visible in the picture without the close-up if you look closely. Is it possible it was a person standing there? I think so. This pic would be more believable if his image was somewhere in the lower levels. A ghost doesn't take up much space and wouldn't likely be noticed by others... or so I have been told :)

Anonymous said...

It's mostly psychological. Mankind has a strange infatuation with the idea of after-life, but if you think logically about ghosts, after-life, demons, etc. you'll find it doesn't make much sense. Hey, we may be crazy but at least we're sane enough to know it.

Anonymous said...

Venkman and Egon saw the same things!

Anonymous said...

Who ya gonna call, George Washington Busters! - from the poster of the G.W. argument. :)

God, I love debates. :)

Anonymous said...

For the "unbelievers" here: I was very skeptical of ghosts/spirits/the supernatural until I had my own experience that simply could *not* be explained any other way. Even now, my rational mind fights against it. If you're a skeptic, I challenge you to go out and confront these mysteries. Play with a ouija board (seriously). Spend a night in a room that's supposed to be haunted. See what happens.

Michael D. Christensen said...

The ghost in the castle was actually later found out to be a hoax by the security guards. I can't remember where I read it but it was a couple weeks after the video came out and I believe it was in the USA Today or something. I wish I had a link to it but I really can't remember where it was.

Anonymous said...

"Spooky?" "Scary?" We only fear what we do not understand. Keep in mind that these ghosts are people just like you and me that have passed from this physical world into another dimension. They are spirits without physical bodies, which means no eyes, no ears, no ability to process light and sound the way we do. Our world may seem as ghostly to them as theirs is to us. Got a ghost? Regard it as a rarely seen neighbor. Either ignore it, live and let live, or be friendly toward it, talk kindly to it, accept it's presence and it may reciprocate in kind. If it's mischevious, tell it to back off, reason with it. But if it's malevolent and hostile?, time to move, or call it the authorities. After all, if you were a ghost, what would you do? As for me?, I love a good practical joke once in a while.

Anonymous said...

go to JKCinema.com

Anonymous said...

many people do not believe in ghosts until they come across one themselves

Anonymous said...

Why is it the skeptic's are very harsh with word's. We do not call you retarded because you don't believe what we do. You must believe in ghost's right? Why else would you be on this site. Is it just to be mean to the people that do think ghost's are real. You have your view's, we have our's. Ghost's are never going to be proven to be real or not. Along with every other supernatural thing out there. That is one of the many question's we must ask god when we get there.
I for one think they are real.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:06 AM,

Don't be too hurt. As well, don't be so sure that "ghosts" will never be proven. After all, we are all human. And stupid, if you take into consideration the age of our universe, and more, the age of our species. Believe what you want to believe. After all, there is no one that can disprove your beliefs. There are only those with egos, that try to disprove your beliefs so that they can live their life without regret.

Jax Holliday said...

Where as a lot of these are excellent in quality, they certainly aren't the 10 best ghost photos of all time. I am a paranormal investigator for a company in Maryland, and have been everywhere from New Orleans, to Gettysburgh, to London. These might be some of the more well known ones, but they certainly are 10 of millions. "The Ghosthunters", while extremely efficient are the same as many other ghosthunting outfits, just with a television show. The show is really unwatchable because of all the 'reality' show elements. The bickering, the drama , etc...lots of ghosthunters have comparable photos to these, including myself. To classify them as the 10 best of all time is simply inaccurate.
Let the bashing begin.

Anonymous said...

No bashing here. I just wish you the fame that you deserve. Whatever that may be...

Anonymous said...

Logical Muse on the JREF forums said "Why do ghosts wear clothes? If a ghost is a spirit or something, something with a soul, or whatever, how come its clothes stay with it in the afterlife? Do the clothes have spirits too?

I think to be realistic, ghost photos should show naked ghosts. I'm not trying to be funny. It's always struck me as a flaw in the hoax. If you want people to believe you, film your ghosts naked.

I hope that all the ghost photo hoaxers out there read this. You know what I say makes sense, so from now on get your ghostly models to disrobe before the film shoot"

johnlancia said...

Just a thought, their seems to be a bias against people with 'rational minds' and reasoned thinking on this board. Usually whenever someone is against the existence to ghosts or wants proof of them.
If believers want themselves to be taken seriously, then they should go about and 'collect' some of this proof that they claim is all over the place. If you claim that an expert or experts have examined a photograph, then provide his name and qualifications. You must be prepared to provide 'empirical evidence' if you want to be taken seriously and not seen as a joke. Otherwise, just because something 'feels' right to you doesn't make it so. Then you will find yourself in the realm of 'truthiness'.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh. Finally, some person with half a mind...

And that, my friend, is quantum physics, is it not?

The same question I have asked for years...

You see, some are seen, some are not. Do "poltergeists" wear clothes, my friend? Or, do residual ghosts wear clothes? That is where you fail in your argument. You don't know the difference, do you?

Which one is quantum physics, and which one is the mind, stewartp?

Nice try.

Anonymous said...

I know that ghosts are real because the aliens told me so when they took me up in their flying saucer. That was right before the anal probe, which I found strangely pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Anal probes are for the Cartmans in the world. Not the Anonymous'.

Respect My Authoritah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... You wanna see disbelief on someone's face? Walk into a convenient store at 8:45 in the morning and buy a six pack of beer.

Trust me. They look like they just saw a ghost. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, i have never actually seen a ghost/spirit, but i did an overnight vigil in Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh. I have to say there were things that were felt in there, and my mate and i both experienced an odd sensation in Andrew Chesneys house. This happened at exactly the same time for both of us, we turned to face each other and said, can you feel that. the EMF meters were going off the scale where we were sitting. All the base readings etc had been taken, there were no electrical cables or anything in there or the surrounding area which could have interfered either. Now when alive, Andrew Chesney was known to have not liked women. None of the men had experinced any sensations in there, the medium who was with us did get the feeling of a presence, and also on a later investigation there was EVP picked up, and it sounds like the word "go".

So, just because you may not always see spirits etc, does not mean they are not there. Funnily enough it's people who have no experience in this field that are the ones to rubbish the theory that they dont exist. Do you have proof that they DONT exist either???? Fod for thought people :)

Unknown said...

GW Anonymous (11:15 PM, October 19, 2006): Again, I agree with you that we can never truly *know* anything... that is, prove it to 100% certainty. But he can know things the near certainty, and the existence of GW is one of those things (while the existence of ghosts is firmly in the camp of things that are unlikely to exist). Documents that can be determined to be ~220 years old by radiometric dating, and are gathered from personal writings (with wax seals!) and newspapers in both the new world and old world would be pretty hard to fake.

I don't think you understand the meaning of the word scientific. Nothing is ever "proven without a shadow of a doubt" in science. There is always a tiny pocket of uncertainty, however small it may be. Science is an attempt to find the explanation best supported by the available, credible evidence.

Even if I was alive in 1790, and GW was my father and I had known him for 50 years, I could not say that he existed beyond a shadow of a doubt. As I said in a previous post, the only things that we can *prove* are mathematical theorums and that our own minds exist. Evidence will be taken seriously if it is credible and can be reproduced in a controlled setting, both points on which the evidence for ghosts fails. I don't remember anyone ever getting convicted of fraud for running a GW historical site, or displaying one of the hundreds of paintings of him.

Your other attempts to discredit science seem to be pointless red herrings.

Unknown said...

Sorry Lorna, but an "overnight vigil" is intentionally designed to create the experience of a supernatural encounter whether or not supernatural beings actually exist. You are placed in an unfamiliar environment that is no doubt shadowy and echoey, expecting to see ghosts along with a bunch of other people also expecting to see ghosts. The medium leading this adventure also has a financial incentive to create as much spooky atmosphere as possible. Notice that she conveniently sensed a presence *after* you mentioned you felt something... this is a perfect example of cold reading (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_reading).

You have an instrument (EMR reader) that will fluctuate when moved whether you're in a spooky environment or not, conveniently allowing any spine-chills to be associated with the fluctuating meter. Did you know that right now you are bathed in electromagnetic radiation in a wide variety of wavelengths, many of which penetrate walls?

Finally, a credible theory isn't simply asserted, with a challenge to others to prove it wrong.

Anonymous said...

I love this shit. :)

Benjamin, my friend... Don't try so hard. You'll find that life is a lot easier than you think.

And you might find the trap, if you seek it.

Anonymous said...

As well, you just might be the one buying that six pack, instead of me... Who knows?

What was the phrase that Einstein made famous? Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! When you see one appear in plain view right in front of your face, you'll think "hogwash" and "trick of light". I can see it now...you'll pee your pants and your face will turn ashen white as you're frozen, can't move or speak, while thinking "holy shit holy shit holy shit". Seen it happen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How on earth there can still be people who DON"T believe in ghosts is crazier to me. we are awash with photos of ghosts and spirits...they are just what they are. hard to see...apparitions. seems funny to me that so many people are critics yet those are the people that search about it.

Anonymous said...

Do not doubt the powers of the supernatural. Do you actually think the world would develop a paranormal society if ghosts were not real.

I have seen actual ghosts - in my house in fact and also in other people's houses.

When I was a little girl - relatives that have passed on before I was even born would come and talk to me.

My favorite aunt who died when I was a little girl came to me a lot
And as an adult - an occasional visit.

Most recently - my cousin who passed away was at his own funeral.
I saw him standing behind my cousin who is a preacher when she was giving the eulogy at church and at the burial site.

Anonymous said...

it really looks like the damned grim reaper to the left, but on the right above the people car it looks like there is another figure. double exposure with some dark room work perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't EVERYONE attend their own funeral.....ie. the dead body in the casket....

Anonymous said...

MacGyver said ... (11:18 PM, October 18, 2006) :
#8 is a photoshop of the scary character from the scream movies done by someone from the somethingawful.com forums.

That is a load of crap, I saw that picture in a book from the library 15 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Very cool pics!
I see the dark figure in the picture of grandma and 'grandpa'.

Who knows? I do believe in spiritual beings, ghosts if you want to call them that.

Anonymous said...

the famous hollywood actress shares a ghost story of her own :



Unknown said...

i went to salem massachusetts this summer and took a ghost tour. They showed the group a picture of a woman floating in the air. she came out so distinctively. i can't find it online anywhere, but it would definitely make this top ten.

Anonymous said...

This site is great. Thanks for the entertainment (pictures and comments). So, nobody noticed the creepy dude standing behind granny for "over 3 years"?!! I think there might be a law against the dress-up cowboy's kid taking a dump on the Clanton Gang's grave, too.

I can do much better work in Photoshop and it would not show any signs of tampering either.

Anonymous said...

The guy behind the grandmother is an assistant for the nursing home she lived in (Notice the clothing he's wearing). Secondly it's obviously people just wanting to believe ghosts exist because none of the photo's of her grandfather are close up and would allow you to compare them to the man behind the grandmother (who is also completely out of focus and would look like millions of people alive today) and the two pictures of him appear to be of different people. Especially considering the fact that he looks to be about 60 and by that point in his life color photography would be in wide use and his photo probaly wouldn't be black and white any one of these reasons could explain the person behind the grandmother's not being the grandfather.

Anonymous said...

It's still fun to explore and, maybe, have hope that there's a hereafter. It offers a bit of wonder and comfort to some. I'm willing to admit that I know far from everything there is to know about anything, and willing to keep an open mind.

Anonymous said...

I think most ghost pictures are fakes.

Most of these are probably fake.

I dabble in photography, and I've had probably... 50 or so "ghost" pictures. Any long exposure time or improper settings can sause them.

With that said, I DO beleive in some sort of paranormal force that we typically refer to as ghosts. Mainly, becuase my house is haunted, and has been since we've lived here.

Odd things happen. I didnt water a plant for over 6 months and it didnt die. In fact, it thrived. NOONE watered this plant. Several times, it made odd noises, but when I inspected it, I couldfind no reason for it to have produced nosies of any kind. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dieffenbachia

I have had three friends over at different times over a span of three years who have had strange things happen both in, and out of my presence here.

There is a side of the house wher eplants seem to grow extremely well where there always seem to be dead things. Dead rodents, with no marks on them, or a few dead birds, and only once there was a large accumulation of dead wasps.

I have felt the same taps that someone else described, and I have occasioanlly seen a vague figure. You might think with some amount of cynicism that if I wasnt full of it, I'd have gotten a picture.

There are two things preventing that. One of them is that generally, when I feel the presence of whatever it is, I feel like going and sitting in bed with y covers around me and pretending it isnt happening. I've been mugged twice and niehter time did I break a sweat, I insulted and made fun of the muggers until they decided I wasnt even worth roughing up for being broke. But this "ghost" situation is terrifying.

The other problem is it happens primarily at night, and while I COULD take pictures of a few small odd things during the day, none of them do much to support the supernatural things that happen. The dead thigns would certainly be doubted and could be rationally explained if you werent certain that noone was putting them there, or killing them there. High quality pictures at night are nearly impossible, and I'd probably end up with a vaguely creepy picture that scared me badly, but just caused more cyniism in other people.

I'm not offended by these pictures being fakes, and I'm not offended by people not beleiving in ghosts. I really honestly just wish that creepy incidents happened less often as they do here.

(If you are curious, the "ghost" looks like an old woman. She has manifested herself in shadowy areas outsdie near plants, and twice as a facial sillhouette in light. Very very detailed sillhouettes that were likely NOT to be coindental. Often, I feel as though someone is standing right behind me, and honestly, it feels like that right now.)

I'm gonna grab a shower, and some sleep, but I want to say one lst thing:

Being a skeptic does not automatically make you intelligent, and believing in ghosts doesnt make you ignorant or naive. Crazy maybe, caus ehonestly every time I see or hear some of the thigns that go on, I seriosuly question my sanity. The only thing that allwos me to maintain that I AM sane is that others have seen the same things.

If you must consider a possibility, maybe it's group hysteria. 've considered it. In most areas of life, I, too, am a very analytical and skeptical person.

When it comes to ghosts, I will never ever caim that they do not exist. If you really want to test your skepticism, try living in a "haunted" hause for +20 years. You'll be alot less eager to claim something doesnt exist.

Anonymous said...

Good lord these photos are horrifically photoshopped. Light and shadow do play are part in some of paranormal photography. Online photos can not be trusted on so many levels do to photoshopping abilities. These pics, although interesting to look at, are nothing more then photoshopped frauds. Report something worth looking at, even if you think they are horrible pictures. At least report something that could be real.


Anonymous said...

when i looked at the grandma pic. the first thing i saw was a face over the van in the back
THAT was scary enough!
then i read the description and when i scrolled down again i saw "Grandpa" I ****** freaked out!!!!!

Unknown said...

Why is everyone using big words?
'People only believe in ghost if their minds decieve them as another spiritual being on a a plane on which they are more scared of us than we are of them.' Wtf? Just speak like you normally would. Chances are you're a sad 10 year old on dictionary.com.
As for me, I think that ghost are real, although I am skeptical about some photos on this list, most notably the cowboy one.

Anonymous said...

In response to the first comment about the hooded figure, I thought they meant the first picture so that is where I looked, and if you look in the shadows on the car, it seems like there could be one there also.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. The only people who should believe these photos are those who know nothing about either traditional or modern photograhpy.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this crap. I don't believe in ghosts, they aren't real!!

Anonymous said...

Some of these photographs I believe are very, indeed real; I have been to many haunted places in my life, and taken many photos. My photos only have orbs appear in them, so these people who took these pictures, and if these are real, Good job!

Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely certain if I believe in ghosts or not. Two things, though:

1. Cool collection of pictures showing some possibly eerie stuff.

2. If someone wants to see a dead person's face somewhere (as in the one about the 2 dead seamen), they will. The mind is a powerful thing and it can trick you into absolutely anything.

Anonymous said...

How can any religious person not believe in ghosts? Basically there supposed to be the soul of the person still hanging around for whatever reason....

I personally believe in ghosts, even though im not religious per se, *not a regular church member, any church*, but I do believe in God.

Evandor Bounties said...

There's a very simple method that can be used in the dark room that can produce pictures like several of the images you have here quite easily. Dodging and burning, which you might remember from such programs as photoshop. Well, in the dark room its the same thing, and is as old as print photography.

The first three pictures are prime examples of this, overlaying a semi-transparent object for a short ammount of time, or exposing a certain part of the photograph for a short time longer than the rest will produce lighter or darker tones respectively.

Another method would be to superimpose another image over the partially exposed photopaper which could give the appearance that something else was there when the photograph was taken, and would also give the appearance of it being see-though, but only partially. Anything darker than the object would show up, but anything lighter would not. Which is what almost all of your photos look like.

This method would also explain why some photos appear to have great quality, and very clear images of whomever is supposedly in them, and others would not. Different techniques yeild different results.

Anonymous said...

I belive in ghosts, and appartely the people who post that they don't,must apparently do otherwise they wouldn't be on this site. If you open your mind to the unknown you might just see more.

Anonymous said...

Psssh, I don't care what any of you say. You may actually be right, some of these pictures could be fake, but seeing IS believing, I promise you that. I used to also be a non-believer. But not after capturing my own E.V.P. of a man saying crystal clearly, "Get out of here." on a tape recorder in my bedroom while playing around on a karoke machine, seeing strange figures walk through my hallway... when no one's HOME, having my dog growl and bark visciously at something only she can see, excetera. I may be just a 17-year-old girl, but I know what I see and hear could very well be real. The point I'm trying to make is... no one knows for sure about these things. No one. At least not until we ourselves die and see if there's a life beyond living. Hmmmmm? So, please, don't be so quick to judge other peoples experiences and photos. Plus, you should have respect for everyones opinion, while still voicing your own respectfully. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

yes the figure above the red van in the trees is the first figure I noticed. Very creepy looking like a grim reaper.

Anonymous said...

If you notice, everyone in the grandmother photo has crazy, black devil eyes. Ghosts don't really exist, and the Henry VIII is clearly some wanker in a costume, because why would a ghost open then close those doors? It's madness I say, MADNESS......!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else see a mustache on the "mother" in the backseat?

Anonymous said...

In the grandma one, how is that not just some guy walking behind the photo?

Anonymous said...

In that last photo, there seems to be someone in a costume, obviously, to the left of the old lady. That person behind her isn't a ghost, the sky was probably just too bright.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree w/ Scott M

Anonymous said...

For all of you who claim that you don't believe---why don't you just go to a different site and leave this one alone? There is something in you that makes you curious, draws you to look, and compels you to argue with complete strangers. Psychologically this is your attempt to "prove" to yourself that ghosts/spirits do not exist when subconciously you believe that it is possible. You defend your sanity by lashing out at others with foul language a demeaning words. I could go on about the reasons, but there is no "solid proof" that a subconcious exits...

I think you get my meaning. Please at the very least use intelligence and general respect for other when posting.

Anonymous said...

i believe gosts or 50 50 real.. 50% is the whole stupid dust partical... normal people in the background.. and tricks w/ mirrors.. the other 50% are spirits that just want to make you frightened... they cant kill you unless you get scared of them... theyre harmless if you dont mess w/ em

Anonymous said...

also, ghost is an old engish word for spirits... ghostes as we know of them now, are fallen angels with only the weopon of assumesion, if it can get you to fear, it can control you

toonbug said...

At first I was going to post an argument about the naysayers and their ability to discard something that is clearly a topic that no one can scientifically prove one way or the other beyond a reasonable doubt. There's no harm in believing in ghosts so why knock it?

After I thought about it for a second, I'd be a hypocrit for saying that because if I want anyone to respect my opinion, I've got to respect theirs. Particularly when it doesn't make any difference.

So, instead I want to say this: Great page, Great entry and Great day...I certainly appreciated the thought-provoking topic.

...as do the spirits in my house (I didn't even type this) :o

Chen Bo said...

looks really terrible.

Anonymous said...

i like pie

Anonymous said...

I have many paranormal videos and audios on my site ...

Humans came from Lyra and Pleiadees, lived on Mars and Malona, blew up the latter and moved to Earth. Much more here:


24 X 7 Livestream

Anonymous said...

I must look at a lot of ghost pics, 'cause I've seen all those before ^_^; . I remember when that door-opening ghost thing happened-- I watched the vid clip of it when it was new. Still not sure if it's paranormal or not, but it's cool to look at.
I saw something similar to the "monk" pic (tall figure in a black hooded cloak) for real once, in my livingroom. The first thought that came to mind for me was "Grim Reaper". Not sure if it's related or not, but a guy was actually killed on my street a couple of days after.

Anonymous said...

i believe in ghosts ! they r real

Anonymous said...

The person who made this website refers to the group TAPS. I highly suggest people watch the show or at least understand that while they do believe in the supernatural, they look for all possibilities of a natural explanation. 99% of ghost sightings (which includes photographs) can be explained and disproven. However, that still leaves 1% which could mean that either it can't be explained yet or it may be possible.

And on a more personal note to all those who think they can photoshop a better ghost pic that cannot be proven false, there are people out there who spend enough time analyzing photos that they can tell its fake. Get over it and keep you mind open to the possibility that there are things that can't be properly explained.

Anonymous said...

Why do people get mad b/c others believe in ghosts?

Those who don't believe are just scared of what is really there.

Anonymous said...

hi i'mfrom ssweden and i'm both a non and a beliver and it irritates me that all of you are blind! you cant seem the see that there is no actual proof that ghosts exists or not. but a friend of mine was on her pin stripe course and she didnt see anyone moving around i the room untill she saw a picture of a guy walking around. www.vonsven.com click on the hot rod picture then click again on the 2 picture and youll see the guy moving/running around. thats all... ha en glad halloween, happy halloween

Anonymous said...

i think number 9 the hapton court ghost is just someone messing around.... it just looks too much like someone is acting.... but that last one the girl that one looks real. and kinda sweet lol
its a shame no one can ever be 100% sure, though i guess if we could a lot of people would end up constantly afraid.... :S

Anonymous said...

i must say that yes the dark figure above the van in the grandmother pic, looks alot like a ghost of sorts, considering that the trees, if looked at closly, are not forming it at all

Anonymous said...

Though I do believe in ghosts a lot of them seem photoshopped like The Newby Church Monk, which just looks like a guy dressed up for haloween.
The picture of the gran tends to remind me of the good and evil consciences, with the guy that looks like an angel and a guy that looks like death.
The old pictures are hard to deny as they are to old to be photoshopped and look quite realistic like the like backseat guy and the little girl.

And yes, the british DO get the best ghosts!

Anonymous said...

I will answer all the points I can be bothered to in order, except the 1st answer I give.

Play with a ouija board (seriously). Spend a night in a room that's supposed to be haunted. See what happens.

> I already have done both (I actually spend every night in a supposedly haunted room, my bedroom), the answer to both is nothing.

Yet the thousands of years before this era mankind knew this was no fiction and we all worshipped with what we not only knew what we beleived !

> Again try to make more sense please, but in answer to this point, beliefs have changed so drastically over all of human history, simply put there is nothing to them.

I unfortunately have seen enough near death and and know this is not fiction ,and only when we are on the edge or end of this life ,will this majority as all of us even the most staunch allies of atheism or raffism know. That is when they Will suddenly beleive what is the all powerful ethereal reality that (allows) us a look when they deem it not science technology nor money not us!

> I havent a clue what this means (english isnt your 1st language I am guessing). But in answer to the point I think your trying to bring up. People near death will see visions of supernatural things and dead loved ones and such in an attempt by the brain to make dieing, which without question is the most traumatic thing anyone will ever go through, slightly more bearable.

you nonbelievers really need to do more research. there is plenty of evidence out there- you just have to look.

> Give me one bit of unfallible evidence, and I will believe you, then again if you had unfallible evidence it would have already proven they exist. Beliefs, 'experiences' and crap photos arent proof.

On the hutchinson experiment::-- there are only a handfull of times that he was able to catch sucess on film, and it's al legit, but he cannot produce the effect on demmand.

> Thats basic science, oddly enough I was watching a show about it on the discovery channel. (Must have been divine influence :)) According to the show it is an easily producable phenomenon involving hugely powerful magnets. I wish I remembered more of the show because they showed an anti gravity device that could move humans if we got it controllable enough, and mentioned the method used, I just cant remember :(

Anyone in doubt as to the authenticity of ghosts need only visit the Skillman Mental Institution in New Jersey. I had the chance to visit several days consecutively while on a trip to the states. I have never visited a place so laden with chaos and spiritual activity. It was only after visiting for several hours that things really crept up on me and I was needless to say caught off guard. The last time I was there required us leaving much earlier than expected as we had upset some of the inhabitants. This mental ward was shut down after decades of abuse and mistreatment. Google to inquire more.

> I have been in supposedly highly active paranormal areas, and have even been in a room when someone else could see a ghost in it apparently, I both felt and saw nothing. I even walked into the spot the ghost was supposed to be in, nothing.

If ghosts arent real then why did my 18 month old son start waving to the empty corner of his room and saying hi grandma ? Especially since she had died 3 days before !

> And I used to babble on for hours when I was a baby to someone named John. Babies babble to nothing for no reason, my niece did It, I did it, my brothers did it, all babies do it.

You can find BigFoot websites...alien websites chupacabra websites....proof all over the internet is the most retarded comment ever...

> Hell yeah, Ive seen some websits which say them damn commies have weapons which "harness the power of existance" to create heat rays capable of vapourising entire countries, hey it must be true

Until of course we started having unusual occurences in our house. Fleeting glimpses of a white figure moving down the corridor. The sensation of someone walking right behind you. Being woken up by a gentle nudge or tap.

> I repeatedly see a small, around 5-8 year old girl walking out of a room in my house, she doesnt exist, tis just a trick of the light creating shadows on my wall, but some people would say hey a ghost!!! I feel being touched when Im not, and things like that, its just my IMAGINATION.

Yeah I used to attribute all this to stress etc. Until one day I called a psychic (who I'd never met before) and the tale she told me sent shivers down my spine. She was told by one of the spirits, an old man, that he felt sorry for me and often stood behind me as I worked (on my computer) through the night. Now this woman had NO idea what I did for a living and could not possibly have known I worked nights, etc. Still creeps me out.

> HOLY HELL, thats enough to convince you??? Damn I wish I was trying to sell you something. Psychics will state very vague things, because most people who are desperate to will then find something in the words, and if the vague things they say are completely false, the person will get a bit irate and then hang up, no biggie. Its playing chances.

Well theres about 50 billion pics of ghost out there.. Seems that its just never enough?

> I could type that ive won the lottery 500 billion times, it wont be enough to make me actually win it though.

are you always in the same place at the same time everyday?

> No, but I am in the same general place at the same general time, almost every day. Someone who has seen me in a place before if they go there again is likely to see me again. And beside the majority of ghost stories say the ghost appears in the exact same place (and in some at the exact same time) every time. So those ones should be photographable all the time.

And if they named the expert would you know them??

> No, but you could look up the credentials of the expert to see if you would trust his opinion

> Like for instance an anonamous physcic/expert/talking tree has told me you like urine in your morning coffee, does that make it true, no and the random person adds no wieght to the statement, however if your husband/wife/life partner told me you did, it would.

a 2 second trick of light that shows an entire person? In detail? WOW those are cool tricks..

>If a 2 second trick can show anything at all then it is also possible for a 2 second trick to show an entire person in detail.

I always wondered... how can someone prove that ghosts really exist?

> By consistently being able to get photographical, video, and if possible sound evidence, and by anyone who goes where the activity is supposed to occur when it is supposed to being able to see it.

Anonymous said...

And heres some more

I always have to laugh when I read comments from someone who is "convinced" there are no ghosts.

> I hope you take comfort in the fact we laugh at you too

#4 is a lighting artifact, nothing else.

> Yes, the collar is the drivers seat, and the mouth is where the parcel shelf meets the bodywork. No Idea what the eyes are but Im not familiar with whats there in that make of car,

none of this will be repeatable under controlled circumstances.

> Yes it is...

My personal theory is that these "ghosts" are really echoes, imprints left behind somehow, and that the presence of people affects them. If the triggers for these echoes are as complex as the emotional and physical conditions which created them, it's no wonder they aren't predictable.

> If they exist that will be all they are, it would be a cool way to communicate as well. If we were able to figure out how to manipulate the effects and triggers.

Closed-minded skeptic = one who is ignorant of any evidence that doesn't fit their limited world view

> Religious/ Paranormal beleivers = People who are so desperate for there to be more than this life that they are easily fooled and/or have trouble telling thier minds wanderings from reality.

As the walkways were all wet there should have been wet footprints on our porch but there were none.

> I dont leave footprints when my floor is wet, unless your walkways are mud.

As for personal ghost experiences, remember that your senses and memory are anything but infallible. This is especially true for memories of experiences you had when you were a child. Self deception comes naturally to humans, and your memories can rapidly be colored by confirmation bias and social pressure.

> Yes it has been proven again and again that memory is almost completely un trust worthy. I wonder why it is usable as evidence...

Anonymous said...

Skeptics will always be skeptics. It doesn't matter what evidence exists, or whether it is repeated or not. Skeptics will always try to explain things away as a trick of light, etc., no matter how good the evidence is to the contrary.

> And on the opposite side 'believers' will always stick to thier beliefs no matter how many times parts of thier religion are proven to be false, either by archeologists evidence to the contrary of what thier book says, or by what thier book says being completely impossible (the noah story for instance)

> It is human nature to stick to beliefs.

Did George Washington, the first president of the United States exist? Please show me the evidence. Remeber, it cannot be written words or eye-witness accounts, as that is not scientific evidence. Nor can it be documents written or signed by this so-called George Washington fellow, as they can all be fake. According to the skeptic, George Washington never existed, nor has just about anything else.

> Yes, it is a possibility that he indeed never existed. However we know he did, both due to his actions (hell how many ghosts have ever founded the greatest country in the world), and due simply to the fact the evidence is of a higher quality than any ghost evidence.

> See benjamins post, he illustrates this much more clearly than I do.

please dont call those of us who do gullible

> Why, it is accurate, you are gullable to believe it. If it turns out my beleifs were false then it will be me who is the gullable one, and you will be completely entitled to call me it, but right now the wieght of reliable evidence is against you so you are the gullable ones.

instead of seeing what is beyond this planet in outer space, maybe we should use this technology to prove or disprove any and all paranormal phenomena such as ghosts.

> Quite simply put, we would find out more about our planet if we could, but the rate of discovery about our planet and how it works is about as high as it can be, especially with people who continue to be dissuaded no matter how much reliable evidence is put against them.

maybe if we did that and had a scientific theory all you skeptics would take the scientists word for it just like every other 'theory' out there with 'scientific' proof.

> Its not about thier being a theory (there are hundreds of theories about how ghosts can exist) It is about being able to prove your theory, and support your theory with consistant evidence.

then all the existing evidence, no matter how extensive, is bunk, useless, lies, deception.

> While not all current evidence for ghosts is lies and deception, it is all false and useless. If you want to get evidence which is capable of prooving the extsiatnce of ghosts, then go somewhere where you can see a ghost, get a completely clear photo of it every time it appears over a couple of years, and take anyone who doesnt believe to the place and have all of them see the same ghost.

Also, remember that scientists, just 30 years ago, said animals do not think. They said everything an animal does is based on instict, with no learning or thought process involved. What are they saying now?

> And, as I said before, religious systems change, belief structures change. Something changing doesnt mean it is false. The falseness (is that a word..?) of thigs is defined by the amount and quality of evidence supporting it. 30 years ago the mass of evidence pointed to animal behaviour being instinct. Now it is that in all animals (humans included) behaviour is a mixture of some concious thought, instincts, and genetics. I am 100% sure that sciences viewpoint on animal behaviour will change again.

> And herein lies the point I have been trying to make, knowledge changes based on what the current body of evidence points to being correct. And while it is possible that ghosts will be proven to exist, the current evidence of them is laughable in comparison to the evidence against them, thusly I find believers opinions funny.

It's mostly psychological. Mankind has a strange infatuation with the idea of after-life,

> Quite simply it is a need for something else, death is terrifying even with the belief that there is something after it, and the idea that there is nothing after is all the more terrifying. After life beleif is simply a way of making the most frightening thing in existence, which we will never know very much about, less frightening.

You must believe in ghost's right? Why else would you be on this site.

> I-am-bored.com And im posting because I cant help myself lol

There are only those with egos, that try to disprove your beliefs so that they can live their life without regret.

> Thats a description of me in a nutshell, that was posted by a ballsack:)

I think to be realistic, ghost photos should show naked ghosts. I'm not trying to be funny. It's always struck me as a flaw in the hoax. If you want people to believe you, film your ghosts naked.

> Whos to say the soul of a person will look like they did in life? Yay now ghost photos will have cool cgi :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post! I really enjoyed it - I recognised most of the photos but there were one or two I hadn't seen before.

Anonymous said...

Arguing about this is pointless. You cannot prove any of these photos are real, and you cannot prove they are fakes.

Both sides need to stop bickering and recognize this. If you want to prove ghosts exist, go out and do it. If you want to prove they don't, you need to do the same. Bickering on an online column that will be forgotten in a few months solves nothing, and proves nothing.

The truth is that you simply don't know if ghosts exist or not. Trying to make it seem as if you do is ridiculous and arrogant. Is it really that bad to accept that you are completely ignorant of the truth? Not knowing something is fine; but not knowing, and pretending that you do know is idiotic. Quit flaming and come back when you have something more than your egos and opinions to back up your arguments.

Anonymous said...

I liked the pictures whether they were real or not. They were interesting and entertaining.

We are all free to believe and speak what we want to, that is a privilege that we have as Americans. But like every privilege we have, there are some who will abuse it. Such is life.

Anonymous said...

You know...every once in a while it's fun to think of the idea of death, and the afterlife, to which much thought and effort has been put in the past. Think of the ancient egyptian pyramids, and whatnot, and all the devotion just so they would have a happy afterlife because they deserved one, because they were pharoahs. But, no one really knows if the afterlife is even real. I believe it's more of a hope that life can continue somewhere else for us, because, it's literally impossible to imagine what would happen. Would we just see black for eternity? Would we go to heaven or hell and be presented infront of God or the Devil? Or would we rise out of our bodies and be free to roam the world unbeknownst to those who still were alive; while having ghoulish fun pranking people or moping around our general areas of death?

Personally, I believe we might be immediatly reincarnated into another body or mind of another creature. But isn't it a little arrogant to not believe or think that the same god that created this universe would grant an afterlife to the other creations in his universe, like aliens? Maybe we would see alien ghosts and then if this was true?

Back to the photographs and the general idea of ghosts however, I believe it's bunk. To me it shows the complexity of the unconcious human mind, the power to manipulate common sights. It shows the subconcious' ability to look at smoke in a fire and bring out a face of a little girl; all to quietly reinforce the hope that there's an afterlife somewhere for us.

Also, to reinforce the feelings of others, some people take it upon themselves to manipulate common sights into having quite obvious "hidden" subleties.

Main point? It's all a loada' hooey.

I'm afraid to post this it seems too long :P

Anonymous said...

I know this will fall on deaf ears, and I am certainly not trying to upset anyone, but THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS GHOSTS.



Isn't it just a slight coincidence that in all the billions of photographs and video footage 'ghost pictures' only ever seem to occur in a poor quality image?

And saying 'photographic experts' have authenticated them is meaningless. And you know it.

If you want to buy into the fantasy fine but there are things to be said for living in the real world and you might find a bit more meaning in your lives if you do. Try it.

Anonymous said...

Pics 10, 8 and 4 are not photoshopped as I have the pictures in a book that was published back in the 1970's. The book does say however that pic 4 fake as the old woman's scarf appears to overlap the frame of the car window that the driver is looking out of. I'm not saying that any of these are definitely real just don't go explaining them away with photoshop if it wasn't even invented at the time the photos were taken.

Anonymous said...

this rly freeked me out, coz on the pic of the grandma it rly luks like the grandad. and if u look to the left of the grandma, near the trees and red car, u can make out a ghostly dark figure, like the grim reaper or something. that is scary !

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burden_of_proof

'Outside a legal context, "burden of proof" means that someone suggesting a new theory or stating a claim must provide evidence to support it: it is not sufficient to say "you can't disprove this". Specifically, when anyone is making a bold claim, it is not someone else's responsibility to disprove the claim, but is rather the person's responsibility who is making the bold claim to prove it.'

In this circumstance, there is much more undenable proof (all the proven fakes, psychological experiments and research where people have demonstrated a willingness to believe a hoax, and so forth) that specific ghostly events have been false, and no undeniable evidence that specific ghostly events have really occured. By my reasoning that puts thye vast majority of the burden of proof upon those who wise to make the claim that ghosts exist and these photos are photos of said ghosts.

I agree with the person who wants naked ghosts. Why would ghosts hang around in the same old clothes? And how do the 'pick' the clothes they wear- the clothes they died in, were burried in, were their favourite clothes? I think the idea of an eternal life wandering where you use to live, staying frozen in age and appearance, being able to watch over loved ones and so forth says more about the living than it does about the dead. Who wants to believe death is the end? Much nicer to believe in heaven, reincarnation or ghosts.

When we experiance 'spooky' things we are scared, often in a badly lit environment, often alone. Our brain races to find rational reasons, but by the very act of doing so we remind ourselves of the hundred of horror stories we've heard, we remember hearing other people recalling ghostly visitations, and we get ourselves into a mental state where we're more likely to see something, and more likely to believe it cannot be explained. This process has been showned in repeatable experiments. Even Derren Brown demonstrated this on television - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derren_Brown#S.C3.A9ance to see how he did so.


Anonymous said...

Way Cool!
If people can believe in God and Christ why can't they believe in Ghosts?

Anonymous said...

everybody gets well angry dont they? so what if they exist or not? it's far more believable than god for example. Nice work.


Anonymous said...

ghosts are not spirits, ghosts are the result of the universe looping into itself causeing an imprint of the past on the present (note that almost all pictures are of people in early 20th century dress.) that, or, seeing as how most of you have said that you saw the ghosts as children, they are just made up memories based on stories you heard.

Anonymous said...

I am a frim believer in the subject of ghosts. If anyone who doesn't believe in the supernatural obviously has never seen ghosts caught on video or heard EVP's. If you don't believen in them do some research and i bety one you see more concrete evidence you will be a firm believer. Check out http://www.the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com/

Anonymous said...

You seem to have stolen an awful ot of your work from http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, what if the ghosts are actually angels and demons? What if the demons try to deceive us by acting like people who are dead? Then we play with the ouija board and get involved in witchcraft and sorcery, which means we are working for Satan, and Satan wins our soul, and we go to hell? That's what he wants. The Bible talks about spirits, and what if the Bible is true? Then how many of us has Satan ensnared? If you like suspenseful books, I suggest "This Present Darkness" by Frank E. Peretti. It will explain the matter more using a story format.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people have resorted to using some pretty angry words and have made some inflamatory comments...don't be like that. No matter how differently we may interpret what we have seen here, ya gotta admit...this stuff is far more interesting to talk about than the price of gas!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 8:35 AM, October 23, 2006...every time you blink I move. You can't see me standing right next to you. You know that feeling you get between your shoulder blades when you are walking up a dark stairway? That's me. I'll be standing over you tonight as you sleep

Anonymous said...

For the person who said, "If ghosts arent real then why did my 18 month old son start waving to the empty corner of his room and saying hi grandma ? Especially since she had died 3 days before! There are things beyond are limited comprehension that we are taught not to believe. What is real and what isnt ? Only time will tell! The earth is round now, isnt it?"

I would just like to add that I've heard that children are more sensitive to the paranormal than anyone else and thought that was interesting.

For the person who said that this person's child was retarded should get slapped, because that's a rude thing to say. What if I said your child is retarded because he didn't know hot from cold? There are some things we learn in life and some things we don't learn and some things we believe and don't believe in life. Just accept the fact that some people are different from you and if you disagree, then don't bash another person.

Honestly, no one cares what you have to say except the author of this very intriguing article. If you don't like it, then don't post. It's best to keep bad things to yourself.

I personally enjoyed this a lot. Thank you for sharing the photos with all of us. Unfortunately, there are those who act as young as we would wish to be.

You can bash on me if you'd like, because I'm not going to read anymore of the comments. I actually stopped up to that point.

Anyways, this is the end of my essay about moral values, though it was not my intention. I hope you all have great days every day and live as if it were your last day on earth. Good bye and best wishes!


Anonymous said...

Groovy... :)

I've love to see a ghost/spirit myself someday. Until then, I remain firmly on the fence.

Anonymous said...

at first, what really interest me was the pictures...
but then, when i read down all the comments, i forgot about the pics for a moment because all of you were interesting...
then, all i have to say is that some people believe in ghost, and some people don't. there's no right and wrong in this matter.
me on the other hand, have a little experiences with "ghost", but i never gets to see them. the only thing i remembered was the eerie sound of chinese bell ringing from far,it was at nightt when people gets to sleep, the sound getting closer and closer and it finally pass away. at that moment, my heart beats like hell and at one time i feel my heart stop beating. it feels like the time was stopped..on the next day, i told my family about it but none of them heard anything..that i think was my first encounter with "ghost"...there was second time, sound of a girl crying outside the house..its like the girl was going around the house crying from the kitchen and then moved to the front door...when things settle down, i realized that it was my cousin's little child crying in a room where they sleep..that was also my second time my heart beats like hell and my heart stops at that one time, stopping the time, and i could'nt move and breath...
oh well, just some stories of my experiences i like to share...

but i am more interested in human behavior and characteristic. the way you all express you opinion, i can tell what kind of person you all are...

oh by the way, nice pics...the ghost there and here(i live in asia) are different after all...

Anonymous said...

#8 has not been photoshopped.
I first saw that picture in a book called Arthur C. Clarke's World of the strange, published in 1980.
Photoshop, or in fact any such similar tool was not available for quite some time after.
I'm not saying whether I believe in ghosts or not.
What I'm saying is that I hate idiots like the anonymous chap up top who will happily believe what some random blogger or geeky little twat on some loser forum tells them about how great they are with photoshop, as long as it helps them to pour scorne upon something they don't personally believe in, in spite of the greater wealth of evidence in favour of it over their own little safe, comfy, enclosed and ignorant little world.
It's the same people who are undoubtedly middle American psycho Christians who believe Islam is destroying the world.
Absolute idiots.

Anonymous said...

I like your pics. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I tend to think ghosts are some kind of anomaly (people are definitely seeing and photographing something) but I am not ready to say they are actually ghosts until I have lots of verifiable evidence (scientific standards would require at least five data points for each proposed ghost before that information could be meaningful).
If ghosts are real I tend to think that they're not ghosts so much as misplaced time. If time is an illusion and all things exist in all possible states simultaneously, maybe we can sometimes see beyond our perception of what is current.
Then again, no ghosts are ever from the future... or are they?

Anonymous said...

u noe whats the best thing about this site?
to see you guys fighting over what is and whats not over and over again without coming to any end (cause there are none)..so go ahead..continue on! :)

Toni said...

Got here via Rampant Bicycle's entry (http://www.rampantbicycle.com/blog/?itemid=221).

Great entry. It spooked me out, really. I just couldn't stop reading though. *shivers*

Anonymous said...

To all disbelievers...
Once upon a time there was no such thing as germs, yet these little creatures plagued mankind... Then someone invented a microscope... Once upon a time the sun revolved around the Earth, then someone invented a telescope.. 'Lo and behold, there were stars, galaxies, moons, nebulae... Tell me... Can you see Gamma or Microwave radiation with the naked eye?
Why is it so hard to believe in the possibility of an existance of SOMETHING on another wavelength that's only PARTIALLY percievable in the human light spectrum of the eye?
To disbelieve blindly is the same as believing blindly.

Anonymous said...

i believe fully in ghosts! these pics would really never MAKE me believe, i was just entertained by them. i like looking at ghost pics and dont care if they are real or not. also, i was entertained by the comments and "debates", if you can call them that, AT FIRST. it got annoying really quick.

lol am i the only one who saw people arguing with eachother pointless?

one side says i am skeptical but i believe in ghosts, and then the other side would say well dont be close-minded and say ghosts dont exist. lol they never said that they dont exist about HALF the time. sometimes they did but that wasnt the ones i saw arguing. i understand where both arguments were coming from but i also saw them getting eachother confused with the meaning of each argument.

just because they were being skeptical of the pics doesnt make them non believers. just because they believe in ghosts doesnt make them supporters of all pics and everything! they arent gullible if they straight up believe in ghosts.

how hard is it to just be entertained by these websites and post about whether or not you think they are real or not. the end. voice your own opinion! dont comment on someone elses. it make people like me feel that they have to voice on YOURS! its ridic, and takes away from the fun of posting on here.

btw my own story. i once had my own pic like that of the orbs! i knew very well that it was something on the lens because, well i put it there! i loved telling people it was a real ghost and got some people really freaked out! they get mad when i told them i faked it.
point: make your beliefs on your own personal heart convictions! no one can prove to you to believe God ultimately, you have to do it yourself! thanks for reading my OPINION!

Anonymous said...

If I were a ghost I'd messing w/ hot girls and scaring the crap out of people lol

Took me two times to see the Grim looking face in the grandma one

To be fair you do realize that the human brain is built to recognize faces, thus even looking at my matte ceiling I see faces in the swirls of paint if I want to.

I'd personally love for ghosts or demons to exist, but for now I'll be skeptic

Anonymous said...

I was a sceptic, unitl I saw a ghost.

I'm an Atheist, and I don't have a closed mind.

But my boss died, and I SAW her walking towards me, and them she vaporized. I found out the next day she had died. You can't "rationalise" that away. You just can't. Turned me from 100% sceptic to 100% believer

Anonymous said...

pretty lame amateur photoshop stuff. i'm a little disapointed since you've had all year til Halloween. I'll expect more next year.

Anonymous said...

last minute

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at them and I saw that weird monk thing!!!
I swear it was so scary!!
Im really scared now... (how am i going to sleep at night)
AHHHHHH, It was so scary, it had like really bright eyes and a blury coat sorta fing on :SSSSSS
waaaaaaaaaa Im only 11 !!!!!

IM SCARED! SHIT i just heard a creak upstairs.... :S

Anonymous said...

MacGyver, I'm afraid that you are wrong,
I have the same photo in a book that predates
the "scream 1996" film by 3 years!
Its called "Encyclopedia of the Unexplained"
my copy is the first edition published in 1993
isbn "1-85605-136-6".

point taken photoshop was first releast around 1990,
i really don't think that how someone could
even considered doing such a work back then.

The phone was taken in Newby Church, Yorks,
in the early 1960's when this photo was
first revealed to the public
and is more likely to be the basis for
the scream chartacter.


Unknown said...

Personally, I happen to believe ghosts exist. I believe in premonitions. I believe in all that good stuff.

I have to say I really enjoyed those photos, but I can easily see how some of them may have been faked--even the ones too old for Photoshop. In a beginning, half-year photography course in school, I learned enough to be able to fake #10, #8, and #5 --in the darkroom. It doesn't exactly take a huge leap in logic to see how #9 or #7 could have been staged somehow. There are a few that can't quite be explained off the top of my head--most notably #1--and which I think perhaps *are* explainable. On the other hand I wouldn't assume any of these are real. And as to the "orb" pictures on the St. Augustine website--when I took my photography class I had those effects in my photos all the time, and they weren't ghosts. They occurred as a result of dust in my camera or enlarger lens, or, more frequently, dirty negatives.

Anonymous said...

If you don't believe then why are you even on this website? Go be negative somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that people always have to try to push their opinions and skepticisms on other people?

If you are a skeptic, then that is fine, hooray for you. You've chosen your mode of thought and you've made your decision concerning your belief in the paranormal.

Why can you not respect that others have formed differing opinions and choose to believe adversely to your own? You are not doing any type of public service; you are just griefing.

Yes, some of these photos can be discounted. Some look like absolute fakes. Yet, some of us choose to believe that there are a few that are real.

Honestly, its not up to you what I believe or don't believe and even if your views struck a rational chord with me, you present them in such an aggressive and judgmental manner that I don't want to hear anything further from you.

If you don't believe it, fine. But, you're going to continue to encounter other human beings that differ with your opinion throughout the rest of your life. Are you going to brow beat them and call them derogatory names as well?

Anonymous said...

These pictures can be easily photoshopped along with the right lighting and a good program i could make these too... these are all ust blah!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading through about half the comments made, and I have my own two cents worth to put in.

1) Disbelievers still don't think we went to the moon. Did we? Numerous times? I can't say, I've never been, but I'd have to believe.

2) Some photos are fake, some are real. Unless you're the one taking the photograph, you don't know the circumstances behind it.

3) Ghost Hunters is a great show. They've not only debunked a lot of "ghosts", but they've also come up with some possible evidence recorded with video cameras and audio equipment.

4) Paranormal activity exists. As far as grandpa coming back for grandma, I believe. My grandfather died last year. In the year following, my grandmother deteriorated rapidly with Alzheimer's. My sister was a primary caretaker for a while, and she reported many times feeling my grandfather in the house. She also reported closing the drapes in the front room, leaving the house with my grandmother and coming back and finding the empty house with the drapes open. Grandpa always liked the drapes open. We feel Grandpa was waiting for Grandma. She died a day short of a year since he had. My son is almost three. He only met my Grandmother once. A few months after the funeral, he was standing in the livingroom at our house a state away from where she died, and said "Hi Grandma B******". He then looked up at me and said, "Grandma B******" died, didn't she?" Imagination of a child? Possibly. Young children have no bias.

4) I was in Tennesee at a Civil Air Patrol (google it) Encampment. This had young people from at least four states attending. Several were from the same squadron, who had just had a comrade, school mate, and friend commit suicide a week before he was to attend the event. Mid week, two different cadets came to me with the same story. They were up for fire watch (guard duty) and had been walking the hallway their respective barracks, when they turned to see their friend standing at the end of the hallway. He was in uniform (they didn't say whether or not he had been when he died), he smiled, saluted, and dissapeared. This incident happened when the guy and girl were standing watch at the same time, minutes apart, in a male barracks and a female barracks. This was the only night of the week they had fire watch at the same time.

I didn't see it happen, and I certainly wouldn't have had any reason to believe, except that one was talking about it, and the other piped up with, "It happened to you too? I thought it was just me!" They then compared stories for the first time in front of me, and we had a long discussion about it. I had not known until that point that the young man had died.

Paranormal things do happen. The unexplained, the weird, and the just plain unbelievable are a normal part of this universe. The internet is not 100% reliable for anything. But this is an interesting discussion, and hopefully everyone understands that both sides have the right to their opinions. We shouldn't close our minds off to either side.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about two point number fours. I was possesd and made to type four instead of five.

Anonymous said...


Mike said...

When I was 12, I was alone in my house, reading a book in bed. Suddenly my bed shook. It shook for 3 or 4 seconds, then stopped. I immediately got up and looked around to see if my sister was trying to scare me. There was nobody else there. Nothing else in the house was shaking, only my bed, so it wasn't a ground tremor or anything like that. It wasn't a frightening experience, as if a ghost was trying to chase me out of the house, but more like one just letting me know he or she was there.

I have believed in ghosts ever since.

Anonymous said...

Double Exposure - Iv've done it

all fake - There is no such thing as ghosts

Pablo Coronel R. said...

I remember 10-8-6 and 4 were n a book my dad gave me in the 70s.
Those are old pictures and are considered still valid.... impressive.

Anonymous said...

As a young girl my older sister saw a child peeking over her bed.and smiled at her on a few occasions. She thought at first it was my youngest sister and yelled at her to go back to bed. We lived in a very large victorian house in Illinois; it had been burned in a fire in the early 20's and a very young girl died in that fire. We grew up Jahova witnesses so none of us were staunch belivers in spooky scary things. The young girl looked just like my baby sister... only thing is.. my baby sister was spending the night at our grand mothers house the first night my older sister saw the child. It happened 4 more times before we moved. (We were renting the house) My sister told us about it years later. She felt the girl just wanted her company at night and nothing more... supposedly the ghost just stood there and stared at her for a while smiled and left... My sister has no reason to lie, the topic came up once when we were talking about a child who died recently in a fire in our neighborhood. She was very matter of fact about it.

Joel said...

As a young girl my older sister saw a child peeking over her bed.and smiled at her on a few occasions.

I used to have experiences like that all the time when I was a kid. It wasn't one recurring figure; there were several. I still don't know who or what it was I was seeing, but it wasn't nightmares (I was wide awake) and on one occasion, as I fled the room, I looked back and could still see one (a little girl) from behind, so if it was a trick of the dim light, it was a jolly detailed one.

The phenomenon eventually went away after we moved out of that house. For obvious reasons, I don't tell people about it very often. I had to admit it to my wife when I freaked out after seeing "The Sixth Sense," and the kids still don't know why I was upset by that film. I still wonder sometimes if something had happened in that house that I don't know about.

Jack Stanley said...

Well I do find this all interesting..I cannot say one way or another what I think. But everyone is open to an view. For myself I feel that there may be something to this ghost stuff...But I find that most of it is entertainment. That's cool.

I think one of the most entertaining parts of this has been for me reading the comments. WOW!

I am amazed by how much people are giving each other hell for their thoughts and what they believe.

Oh well everyone have a haunteningly lovely holloween. I hope there will be a ghost of a chance you will have a good time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I wonder what's with all these people not believing. They are downright so positive ghosts do not exist. Wait until you have a real encounter like I did, only it was numerous times. I've been witness to several ghosts, along with friends and family to back me up. Though, sadly, no physical proof.

Anonymous said...

I tried posting this yesterday, but it obviously didn’t take.

Photo #3 needs no ghostly explanation. I have lived (twice) not far from Tombstone and have visited Boot Hill on a few occasions. It’s a great touristy place, usually with several people around. The tombstones (though no longer original, but instead are replacements made to appear original) are interesting both in their simplicity and for the frequently witty epitaphs.

Squatting next to a tombstone for a picture is quite common and is likely what the gentleman in the background is doing. And given that the photographer and subject were intent on their own photo, it is not surprising or unusual that they did not notice the man in the back.

Further, I can attest that it is not only possible, but likely that someone on Boot Hill could stand almost anywhere and have their legs obscured from someone a moderate distance away. In addition to the tombstones themselves, there is a fair amount of vegetation including flowering cactus, most of which grows to knee, thigh, or waist high.

No ghost here.

The majority of the other photos have also been debunked repeatedly and convincingly. The Hampton Court Ghost is most recent and was shown to be an obvious hoax. Not a manipulated photo but an employee in costume.

The photo of the face in the fire (which is, I think, the eeriest of them all) has been shown to be the end of a burning beam; the evidence is the photo of another firefighter taking a picture of the same spot from another angle.


Regarding opinions and beliefs, it is perfectly fine to believe what you will, and the debunking of a particular photo does not of course debunk the idea of ghosts in general. But when belief is claimed to be supported by evidence, it is not rude or disrespectful to question the evidence and to conclude that it does not, in fact, support the conclusion claimed.

“Open-mindedness” is not the same as accepting any claim simply because someone else holds a belief.

Anonymous said...

For tepes:

Some positively think ghosts do not exist, others think the evidence for them is simply lacking. There is a difference, and it does no one any good to lump all disbelievers into the same group.

Further, some disbelievers, like me, have had truly convincing experiences, and even grew up as strong believers. It’s just that as I grew older and became more inquisitive and informed, I began to discover that what I thought was unexplainable was in fact very well explained. I also learned that the lack of an explanation for a phenomenon does not in itself justify jumping to a conclusion such as “ghosts.”

Anonymous said...

All quotations are from Anonymous on October 27:

“1) Disbelievers still don't think we went to the moon. Did we? Numerous times? I can't say, I've never been, but I'd have to believe.”

I don’t “believe” we went to the moon. I trust the evidence that we did.
Similar trustworthy evidence for the paranormal is lacking, even after a century and a half of inquiry. NASA providing evidence in under a decade.

“2) Some photos are fake, some are real. Unless you're the one taking the photograph, you don't know the circumstances behind it. “

You’re saying either that all photos must be accepted as is or all photos must be rejected out of hand. Both are wrong-headed.

Photos can be analysed. The circumstances surrounding when they were taken can be scrutinized. Informed conclusions can be reached. None of the photos posted here pass the test.

“3) Ghost Hunters is a great show. They've not only debunked a lot of "ghosts", but they've also come up with some possible evidence recorded with video cameras and audio equipment. “

No. They’ve come up with what they call anomalous readings on EMF meters without controlling for other sources and without demonstrating that an EMF reading indicates a ghost. Likewise for temperature readings. Likewise the EVPs which have been so thoroughly debunked it is amazing how people can still cite them as evidence.

“4) Paranormal activity exists.”

No convincing evidence exists to suggest so.

It is true that incidents occur which defy easy explanation. Those which defy ANY explanation are rare. Those rarities do not, by their existence, demonstrate “ghosts.”

“Imagination of a child? Possibly.”


“Young children have no bias.”

Poppycock. Children most certainly have biases and most certainly tell untruths.

“4) I was in Tennesee at a Civil Air Patrol (google it) Encampment …. snip…”

Can you honestly think of no other explanation than that the ghost of the dead friend appeared? I suggest you do a bit of research on psychology and even how magicians work. Look up confirmation bias for starters and the power of suggestion.

“Paranormal things do happen.”

No convincing evidence exists to suggest it does.

“The unexplained,”

Unexplained does not equal paranormal.

“the weird,”

Weird does not equal paranormal.

“and the just plain unbelievable”

Given the wide range of things that people believe in, I think there is very little that is unbelievable.

You want amazing and awe-inspiring stuff? Study astronomy or quantum physics (not the new age misrepresentations of it by people like Deepak Chopra and JZ Knight).

“But this is an interesting discussion, and hopefully everyone understands that both sides have the right to their opinions.”

Absolutely. We also have the right to call bunkum when we see it.

“We shouldn't close our minds off to either side.”

Calling bunkum isn’t being close minded. It’s calling bunkum.

Or do you believe me when I say my invisible spotted jabberwocky is standing behind you right now?

Anonymous said...

"MacGyver said ... (11:18 PM, October 18, 2006) :
#8 is a photoshop of the scary character from the scream movies done by someone from the somethingawful.com forums."

That picture dates back from AT LEAST the early eighties, and has been printed in various books since then - 'Scream' wasn't released until the mid-nineties.
Try again.

The same goes to all those crying "Photoshop!" - the majority of these pictures have been in print for several decades.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the small minded people in this world don't want to believe in things beyond themselves. I say who the hell really knows. Just becasue I don't know the answer doesn't mean it isn't real. Think of it this way - is religion real? Which one? Yours? Mine? Someone's going to be wrong. The point is who cares as long as we all remain open minded to possibilities.

Anonymous said...

I never fully trust what I see in pictures or on the internet because you never know who has done what...but as for spirits surrounding us? Totally true. And I get that you don't have to believe me but I when I was a teenager, I was doing laundry in my Mom's basement and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone walking towards me. Confused because I was sure my older brother (who's room was in the basement) had gone to school. Glancing up to ask what he was doing home there was no one there...all of the sudden my dog was standing in front of me with her hackles up from her head to the end of her tail, growling. Needless to say I dropped the laundry and ran upstairs. Strange things have happened in that house that can't be explained by "tricks of light" or "mind playing games". Spirits are as real as you and I...as my Dad says, you're body is just a vehicle for the soul.

Anonymous said...

There is no sunshine without rain, no moonlight without the sunlight, no angels if there is no demons, no devil if no god. There's no good if there is no evil. No skeptics without believers.

Do I believe sure why not? Who does it harm to believe? Am I going to change your mind? No- that's why it's yours.

Anonymous said...

@ cherisluck - gtfo!

Anonymous said...

SUP MY NIGGA'S!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If I for an instant thought that my meager time on this planet was all there was to existance and nothing lived on I would quickly blow my brains out....life goes somewhere when we die... you can't breathe life into a corpse...the energy remains...whether etheral spirits roam the earth I don't know but I do know that I am a higher lifeform than this meatsack I now live in... Boo ya

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