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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Great Caesar's ghost! Tonight's Rome rocks!!

Well the credits are rolling right now on the final episode for this first season of Rome on HBO. I must say this show became far more wildly entertaining than I was first expecting it to be: it's like The Sopranos B.C. Can't say that tonight's events weren't totally unexpected. I mean, we know how history proceeded after Julius Caesar became emperor. Anyone who ever read Shakespeare's play in high school will remember how this unfolds. Yet the show's producers (which includes John Milius of Conan the Barbarian fame) still made this something that felt like you didn't see coming. Guess it had to do with how brutal they made the actual thing go down. Anyone who's been following the tale of Lucius Vorenus is going to get hit with a whammy too. The final scene showing Titus Pullo is a little bit of a surprise, given what happened a couple episodes back (remember that guy he gave the severe headache too?). Anyway, tonight's Rome really packs a whallop. Be sure and catch it when it encores on HBO during this coming week.


Anonymous said...

OT: Battle rages on between roasted and fried [turkey]


Chris Knight said...

It's gotta be fried. I started doing this three years ago and swore then that I'd never go back to basted. The difference in taste is astronomical. Plus it gives me an awful lot of sense of power for ME to be the one in charge of Thanksgiving turkey :-) I bought 2 containers of peanut oil last night and will start marinading this year's birds late tomorrow night. Will be posting pics - and maybe even a how-to Quicktime video - later this week. Anyway, pray that my luck holds out and that I don't get heinously burned... which so far I've been VERY fortunate that that hasn't happened yet :-)