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Friday, November 04, 2005

The latest on Honey, the hero cocker spaniel pup

Two days ago I posted about Honey, a cocker spaniel puppy who saved her owner's life when he was pinned inside a vehicle for several hours. Well there's an update to that story: Honey was reunited with Michael Bosch at the hospital yesterday. Here's the story from the Marin Independent Journal...
Hero, victim reunited
A Nicasio man and his cocker spaniel puppy were reunited yesterday in a hospital room at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael just days after she saved his life after a car crash.

After being placed on the bed, Honey licked Michael Bosch, 63, on the face and roamed around the bedding, satisfied to be the center of attention. Bosch, for his part, couldn't have been happier.

"All my pain went away," he said.

Bosch, a real-estate broker, was backing down his driveway off Nicasio Valley Road on Monday morning when his car slipped 50 feet down an 80-degree slope, pinning him in the overturned vehicle. Honey, whom Bosch had adopted only two weeks earlier, escaped the vehicle, climbed up the slope and alerted a neighbor to the crash when the neighbor arrived home that night.

After more than eight hours inside the car, Bosch was extricated by firefighters, who had to cut away part of the vehicle to get to him. He was flown via helicopter to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital to be treated for five broken ribs and leg injuries he suffered in the accident before being transferred Wednesday to Kaiser.

Bosch has scratches on his arms and face and remains in bed due to swelling in his left leg, but otherwise he is happy to be alive. He suffered a heart attack just two months ago.

John Bennett, 27, who works with Bosch at Coldwell Banker, brought in Honey yesterday along with Godiva chocolates, some dog biscuits - and a stuffed toy superhero dog complete with an eye mask and cape for Honey to play with. Between the heart attack and amazing rescue, he said Bosch is the talk of the office.

"Everyone is shocked," he said. "No one could believe it."

Bosch said he'd been in touch with the Marin Humane Society for more than a year about adopting a dog before going there to look at a Labrador retriever rescued from Hurricane Katrina. The Lab was nice, but Honey had his heart from the moment he laid eyes on her.

Bosch admits Honey still needs potty training, but he couldn't resist the urge to gloat about how smart and beautiful his dog is.

"She was the most popular dog at the humane society," he said.

What can ya say: Every dog has his (or her) day :-)