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Monday, November 07, 2005

Neil Armstrong on last night's 60 Minutes

In case you missed it, Neil Armstrong gave a very rare interview with Ed Bradley on last night's edition of 60 Minutes. It came soon after the release of a new biographical book out about Armstrong. It was a pretty good interview, covering his life from growing up in Ohio to getting his pilot's license at age 16, to flying in Korea and then into a career at NASA, where at age 38 he was named mission commander for Apollo 11. It's been fairly well known for years that Armstrong has shyed away from much publicity: I've heard that he's VERY reluctant to give out autographs. And now I think I know why: he came across in the interview as being a very humble guy, who didn't want his one step on the lunar surface to overshadow the fact that he was just one of about 400,000 people who worked for eight years to make that happen. Armstrong is 75 now, looking really good and toward the end of the segment it had how he gets his flying kicks now: soaring in gliders. One of the highlights of the segment was a reunion between Armstrong and former CBS anchor Walter Cronkite, who if nothing else will always be remembered for his commentary during the early years of NASA's space exploration. Anyway, it was a pretty good story and well worth catching if/when 60 Minutes ever broadcasts it again.