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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Paris riots a harbinger of what might happen here

What's happening in France right now has its roots in something that's already taking place here in America: a MASSIVE, uncontrolled influx of immigrants from outside the country, who are put on the government dole but for all intents and purposes are told they do not have to assimilate to the culture.

Doesn't that sound like our own situation with wild out-of-control illegal immigration that sees millions of people streaming across the border each year?

Listen to the rhetoric coming out of groups like La Raza: they sound pretty much like what's coming out of the Muslim rioters in and around Paris right now. They just haven't had the right spark to light their fuse yet is all. But it's coming, someday.

And when it does you can thank people like your President George W. Bush and members of both parties in Congress and insane "multicultural" proponents and too many of corporate America's leadership for not only letting this happen, but eagerly promoting it. Take a good look at Paris right now, folks: we're being led down that same road too.