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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving turkey 2005 and report on Marinade X

Here's the pics of the 15 lb. turkey I fried for this year's Thanksgiving, from before it was lowered into the oil and after...
There was no noticable wind last night like what plagued us later on Thursday, so I fried the 6 lb. turkey breast that I had injected with "Marinade X": the first real experimental seasoning that I've cooked up. I'm not quite ready to reveal what was put into this concoction because I want to "tweak" it some more. However, it yielded an unusually tender bird: much moreso than it ever has when I've used regular garlic butter marinade. The taste was terrific, but not quite as strong as I was hoping for, hence my desire to work with it some more. But everyone seemed to like it a lot still.

I might be doing at least two full-sized birds next month for Christmas. Sometime before then I'm hoping to track down a bigger pot: I'm using 30 quart now but a 40 quart would be niiiice. That way I can fry bigger turkeys and it'll be somewhat more safe to work with.

Okay, off to see Walk the Line now. Enjoy your turkey leftovers y'all :-)