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Monday, December 12, 2005

Bush showing his ignorance. Again.

This time he's comparing the "leaders" of Iraq to the Founding Fathers of America. Which shows just how much this "president" appreciates or even really understands the history of the country he's supposed to be governing.

Show me where another country's military came into America to "liberate" her. Point out to me how we had to rely on anyone but ourselves to win our own independence. Oh sure, we had some foreign advisors like LaFayette that helped in the training of our soldiers, but we still kept it a clean fight. We made it stay our fight. The Iraqi people can't boast of that at all: they had an outside government - namely, our own - hand them their "freedom" on a silver platter. They didn't make this happen on their own. And within ten years of our leaving the place, they will have torn themselves to pieces because without having the self-discipline that comes with earning something for themselves, they will lack the wisdom for self-governance.

And then show me where among the Iraqi people is there to be found anyone of the caliber of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Paine. Show me where there is anyone like Winston Churchill or Lech Walesa or Mahatma Gandhi to be found coming out of Iraq? The only "statesmen" that have risen to the task in Iraq are the ones that politicians in Washington allowed to come to the fore. It can't be said that there are any self-made leaders arising from that land to serve her: there are only installed puppets put there to insure that Iraq becomes a vassal state to outside interests. Real "Iraqi independence" is not part of the long-term plan to these people: hence, no real Iraqi leaders rising of their own accord.

Someday, America will - I'm praying so anyway - turn away from the folly of electing very shallow people simply because a political party expects them to. We ourselves aren't even a truly free nation anymore, not when our sensibilities are directed by those with money and power and airtime... so what right do we have to give another people such "freedom"?