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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The DaVinci Code and Poseidon trailers online

It's 8:12 and just drove through some nasty freezing rain/iced-up roadways to get to my office (so weird saying that: "my office"). Gonna be working on the King Kong (2005) review in the next little while but in the meantime, wanted to make a note about the full-length trailer for The DaVinci Code and the teaser for Poseidon being online now. I also found the one for Miami Vice but I outright refuse on principle to make a link to that: you wanna see it, find it yourself, but I ain't gonna be part-and-parcel to the destruction of another 80's landmark. Anyways, The DaVinci Code looks like a great trailer even if it's bullcrap bullcrap BULLCRAP history! Sheesh do we really want to regurgitate that old Holy Blood, Holy Grail stuff this badly? Will say though that Tom Hanks looks the best he's appeared in awhile in this trailer (and I noticed that between this and X-Men 3 that Ian McKellen will be in two movies simultaneously this coming May). Poseidon looks totally aces though. If it's as good a remake as King Kong is, I'll gladly buy a ticket to see this. Or it could be mediocre too. That's the thing about the trailers coming out this time of year: the movies they promo can go either way five or six months from now, but these usually look hella cool. Anyway, if you want to see Tom Hanks looking for those darned Christ-children or Kurt Russell on a topsy-turvy cruise ship, hit the above links for Quicktime goodness.


Winston said...

You are so right. Why do they want to destroy the 80s?

Wouldn't an updated Miami Vice make more sense. Wouldn't it be interesting to see where these characters are now? I suspect Crockett would have become a drug runner. Now there's a story!

Chris Knight said...

There are also movies in the works for Magnum P.I. and The A-Team. For A-Team they want to "update" it so that the guys are Gulf War I vets, the last I heard about it.

Now, who are they going to get to play B.A. Baracus? That's what I want to know!