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Monday, December 19, 2005

Tonight's Monday Night Live...

...was without any shred of doubt the most surreal - and funniest - hour of television I've ever seen in my life. As Ken Echols said at one point, "This is finally the show that sends us to prison!" Hula-hooping Santa, "Arnold the Elf", a dog running around the set, Ken and Mark Childrey cutting loose like never before... When I told Chad that this was the most insane edition ever, he commented that "that's saying a lot." If you know Monday Night Live like we do, you'll understand the amount of crazy we're used to with this show. Well tonight they went full-tilt whacko. Everyone in the house - Mom, Dad, Lisa, me - was tearful with laughter. Here's the link to the show's official website. They had an audio archive up somewhere, if this episode gets hosted soon I'll make a link to it. Someday I hope they make a streaming video of the show available so that everyone can check out their antics. Maybe they'll even convert their weekly editions into MP4 video for iPod viewing or something... that would be sweet :-)

EDIT: Here's the MP3 of the audio from last night's Monday Night Live, courtesy of RockinghamRadio.com.