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Friday, January 06, 2006

Best frozen pizza I've ever eaten

My Mom has been getting a lot of good food from Schwan's. She finds what she'd like to order from the Schwan's catalog, tells the deliveryman what she wants and gets her new order when he comes back around two weeks later. Lisa and I have been "ordering" through her and getting incredibly delicious stuff like chicken alfredo, potato skins, shrimp scampi, and some darned great ice ceam. Well last night I had their regular-sized pepperoni pizza (I think it's item #901) and I gotta tell ya: this is bar-none the best frozen pizza I've ever tasted in my entire life. Everything about it, from the crust (lightly dusted with cornmeal) to the sauce - maybe the best sauce I've had on a pizza anywhere - is just darned perfect. It puts most restaurant pizzas that I've experienced to shame. If nothing else it must be said that it does not taste like it's a frozen product at all. Schwan's also sells the same pizza in one-person servings, in boxes of six. Can't recommend this highly enough. If you appreciate a good pizza and wanna try real gourmet eating for a very good price, give Schwan's a try.


Anonymous said...

Number 901:


Judging from the photos, those pizzas DO look good. (Though I like a plain cheese pizza). But 6.99 is more than I'm willing to spend on a 12 inch pizza. I can get a frozen pizza in my local supermarket for 1-2 bucks. (I HAVE to think about the economics of it all right now) Granted, probably not as good as schwans, but still tasty to me nonetheless.

My current favorite brand of frozen pizza? Jeno's. (plain cheese only)


Celentano used to make a GREAT frozen pizza. But for some reason they stopped. They still make all sorts of frozen italian foods (lasanga, ravioli, manicotti, etc.), but its of horrible quality in my opinion.

Celentanos frozen pizza was square, had a nice thick crust (I guess you could say it was a sicilian pizza pie) came in a cardboard baking tray that helped to properly cook the pizza. (This was in my childhood in the 1970s). Man, was Celentanos delicious. Since then I havent had a frozen pizza that was so good. Not even Jeno's measures up.

"1957 - Frozen pizzas were introduced and found in local grocery stores. The first
was marketed by the Celentano Brothers."


Chris Knight said...

I'm gonna give Jeno's a try based on your hearty recommendation :-)

Ever since college the frozen-pizza staple in my diet has been Red Baron pepperoni, but I discovered a really crazy trick back in high school that can really jazz up a frozen pizza. Take your pizza out of the wrapping, put it on your pizza pan, and then get yourself a bottle of Paul Newman's Olive Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing. Shake the bottle up *real* good and then pour it here and there on your pizza (not TOO much though :-). Sometimes I sprinkle some oregano on it as well. Bake per the directions that come with the pizza. The salad dressing (it's gotta be Paul Newman olive oil & vinegar) has a pretty neat effect on it, especially how it sorta "crispens" the crust. I don't know how it might work with plain cheese but it might be worth a shot. Doing a pizza like that is called "Chris Knight style" around here :-)

Paul Newman's Olive Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing was also the main ingredient in my super-secret turkey "Marinade X" for Thanksgiving, by the way. It added a really neat flavor to the meat, on top of making it unusually tender.

I'll try this on a Jeno's pie and tell ya what it was like :-)

Anonymous said...

"I'm gonna give Jeno's a try based on your hearty recommendation"

Okey dokey, but if you wind up hating the taste of it, dont blame me. Blame Jenos. :-)

Chqances are that after having had Schwans pizza, you might find Jenos inferior. Though adding that Paul Newmans oil and vinegar (and oregano)sounds like a great idea and will probably improve the taste. (Garlic has always been my prefered seasoning to my pizza. I add it after the pizza has been baked.)

Jenos also comes in Sausage and pepperoni. I THINK they have a combo pie of sausage and pepperoni together.