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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006

So how am I celebrating the new year? I've had the Sci-Fi Channel's The Twilight Zone marathon going on all evening. And earlier today I picked up Mario Kart DS and after finagling with it for a couple of hours I finally got it working on the Nintendo Wi-Fi network. That's what I was playing as the clock hit midnight (and so far my butt's been consistently handed to me by some guys who are apparently somewhere in Asia).

Awful lotta fireworks going off around the neighborhood tonight. I had the TV switched briefly to ABC and Dick Clark's show: Clark did a pretty good job doing his New Year's Eve show, in spite of the stroke he suffered awhile back.

All things considered, 2006 is off to as good a start as any :-)


qemuel said...


Thanks for adding me to your list! I've been meaning to add your blog to mine for a while now, but I never remember to do so when I'm actually sitting in front of my computer. As of this posting, you are now officially on my list as well!

I saw you in the store the other day, but we were so busy I didn't have a chance to say hello and talk with you about KING KONG. I think you nailed it when you spoke about the eyes being the key element. I swear, I cried like a baby in this movie, and it was WAY before the end.

As far as DL...I'm not sure what's to be done with him. Maybe we should kidnap him and make him see it again!