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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I started a new blog

There's not much to look at so far... I mean, really not much at all... but I started up a new blog a few days ago. I had the idea this past weekend to create an online journal covering developments along the county line between Guilford and Rockingham counties here in North Carolina. The area between Greensboro and Reidsville has started to build up in recent years: lots of new homes and businesses coming to what has for the most part been one of the most rural places you can imagine. The first idea that popped into mind about what to call it was "The Guil-Rock Guardian", but that sounded too dry: even though this is meant to be a serious blog I wanted a more colorful moniker, like those of The Neely Chronicle and The Rhinoceros Times. So I thought about it for the better part of thirty seconds...

...and came up with The Guil-Rock Gremlin. Which may turn out to be quite appropos if/when I wind up having to use it to throw a monkey-wrench into the works for some reason. But for now it's merely there to document what's going on in the "Greensboro/Reidsville metropolitan area". I'm gonna work on graphics for it this weekend (trying hard not to use images from Steven Spielberg's Gremlins movies). So if you're living around the county line between Greensboro and Reidsville (I'm gonna try my best to cover news and issues in both counties) give The Guil-Rock Gremlin a looksee!


Anonymous said...

I listen to more books than I read these days. Black is interesting, but the guy who reads it is not the best I've ever heard.