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Monday, January 30, 2006

U.S. government is borrowing $188 billion

An all-time record.

Funny... I remember the retroactive taxes introduced by the Budget Act of 1993, and a lot of us called our representatives in D.C. to not only ask them if this was even legal under the Constitution at all, but to pose the question to them about there ever being any country in history that taxed and borrowed itself into prosperity. Don't think I'll ever forget the hemming and hawing I got from Congressman Steve Neal's mouthpiece (and how come the actual reps and senators never talk to us on the phone like that?).

(I also called to tell him to support Penny-Kasich, if that one rings a bell with any longtime politicial aficianados.)

A little over a year later the party that was doing all the taxing and borrowing and spending was kicked out of power... and now the party that replaced them is doing the exact same thing, but to a far worse degree.

Debt - be it personal or public - is destroying this nation. Just wanted to say that in case anyone says later that nobody warned about it.