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Sunday, January 15, 2006

What we REALLY watched last night

We got the "Trash" made and munched on that, but instead of the pilot episode for Lost we watched the latest movie to come through Netflix: Christmas With The Kranks, with Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. And a whole lotta other notable faces: Dan Akroyd, M. Emmet Walsh, Tom Poston (I'd wondered how he's been doing and it was great seeing him again, he plays the priest), Cheech Marin, Jake Busey (who's looking more like his dad with each new film he's in), bunch more. This may surprise a lot of people but this movie is based on the novel Skipping Christmas written by John Grisham (yes the king of the lawyer stories). Allen and Curtis play a couple who won't be celebrating Christmas this year with their daughter because she's out of the country with the Peace Corps, so the Mr. Krank gets the idea (and signs his reluctant wife on eventually) of not having Christmas at all and instead spending the money on a cruise that leaves Christmas day. Which you'd think would be easy enough, and then their neighbors and co-workers start giving them all kinds of hell about it. It's a darned funny movie and a clean one too, with a pretty upbeat message at the end. Well worth watching even if we have just left the holiday season.


bmovies said...

Hmmm....Christmas with the Kranks. I never bothered to see that film because I heard some pretty bad to middling reviews about it, but I think I'll give it a look.

Chris Knight said...

It's not a funny Christmas movie like Home Alone was, but it's got some charm to it still. I seriously doubt that a family skipping Christmas would cause THAT much rancor in real life though :-)