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Thursday, February 23, 2006

About the story that USED to be here

After some reconsideration, I decided to pull the article about the Mohammed cartoon. No, nobody threatened me or anything like that (which would have only made me keep it up even more). It's because I'm in the process of "switching over" my more political/op-ed stuff to a separate blog, and keep The Knight Shift for my more "happy/upbeat" material. That's not to say that there won't be "heavy" stuff in this space though. But I do want to keep my various interests in proper perspective, instead of "mushing them" all together. Maybe when I have the new blog up and running, I'll repost the cartoon and my associated commentary there. In the meantime, I'll do my best to keep the more caustic stuff from infecting this space.


Roch101 said...

In the tradition of Guilford County Republican party chairman Marcus Kindly, putting up a post then taking it down is disparigingly referred to as kindling.

Interesting though that other political stuff on your blog hasn't become kindling, despite your explaination.

Chris Knight said...

Well, guilty as charged, I guess. When morning came (after the rush of seeing it on the Fox 8 news last night) I realized that this really *was* kindling, as you put it, for sake of kindling and not much else.

Now I *did* have plans at one point to do something of a demonstration: being a Christian myself, I thought of *burning* both a Bible and a Quran together, to show that I'm not afraid of the "destruction" of my own religion's holy text, because the plain and simple fact is you CANNOT DESTROY God's word with such acts. Or I may have just burned a Bible. The point being that these kinds of ideas aren't something you can make consummable by fire or time. They are going to *withstand* the elements, if they are true. But doing that in itself may have caused more harm than good: too many people just don't stop to appreciate the point a guy is trying to make anymore :-\