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Monday, February 13, 2006

Bid on eBay for lunch with King Richard

This is one of the coolest charity fundraisers I've ever heard of: an eBay auction for lunch with NASCAR legend Richard Petty and his wife Lynda. All the money goes to Communities In Schools, an outfit devoted to encouraging young people to get their education. As of this writing the high bid (of 14 so far) is $760, with the reserve price so far not being met: I'd guess that's going to be at least a thousand bucks, if not more. I mean, this is Richard Petty - the greatest stock-car racer in the history of the known universe - we're talking about here. Best of luck to anyone out there who's gonna try to win this thing, 'cuz I'd be really envious for a chance to wine and dine with The King and his lady :-)