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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Got a fix for some Taylor Hicks? Lookee here!!

EDIT 08:01 PM EST: Looks like Blogger is finally working again. I had to republish the index though and doing so made the original Taylor Hicks post (and its unique URL) disappear, meaning I had to repost this again (which is what the post you're looking at right now is). Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused someone...

But anyhoo, if yer like me, and especially after the way he faced his fate this week on American Idol (playing his harmonica as he walked toward the judges) you probably can't get enough of Taylor Hicks right now. This is the first guy who, if he won on Idol, I would be there to buy his CD on the first day it's out. Yeah I've always liked Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, but Hicks just flat-out astounds me with his talent and charm. The music is in this guy, you know what I mean? Well, someone saw my last post about him and sent me a terrific rendition of "Georgia On My Mind" by Hicks, and it's definitely going on my MP3 player now. It's moved me enough that I plan on getting Hicks's first CD, now being sold at an independent music store in Birmingham, Alabama, even though there's currently a two-week wait for shipped orders. Here it is, Taylor Hicks's Under The Radar:

But if you want your Taylor Hicks now now NOW, yer in luck: WBHM, an NPR station in Birmingham has an audio interview with Hicks and they've got three tracks from Under The Radar online as MP3 files! You know what to do: right-click and save (or do whatever the heck it is that you Mac users do) and save these bad boys to your hard drive ASAP!
"Hell of a Day"

"Heart and Soul"

"Soul Thing"

Enjoy!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Glad to find another TH fan!
"UtR" isn't his first CD; "In Your Time" (1997) is. This is the CD with "Georgia" (plus "Son of a Carpenter", "The Fall", "In Your Time", "On Broadway", and "Tighten Up" [yes, by Archie Bell and the Drells!]).

Chris Knight said...

Is there any way to get "In Your Time" still? I'd love to have a copy. Thanks for the rectification. And I plan on having Taylor's number on speed dial when the guys perform this Wednesday night :-)

Anonymous said...

hey can you send me the Georgia mp3 file? I LOVE Taylor, I already received his "Under the Radar" cd and its GREAT!

Thanks!!! Go Taylor!!


Anonymous said...

hi..did you ever find out where to get the CD "In Your Time"????????
I want it bad!!!!!! Along with Taylor himself..lol

TooHotTalorHicks..woooooooo..Soul Patrol ;-)