Friday, February 10, 2006

Look at what they've gone and done to Juggernaut!

The more I've heard about X-Men III: The Last Stand over this past year, the more I've come to dread it. The X-Men movies had two solid installments (X2 was in some ways much better than the original even, which is pretty rare) but if even half the stuff I'm hearing about this next chapter is true, well this is going to be a pretty sucky movie. Which is sad 'cuz it does have some potential, like the pics I've seen of Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Henry "Beast" McCoy.

And then there is stuff like what I'm about to show you that goes and deflates my hopes for this all the more...

One of my all-time favorite X-Men characters is Juggernaut: Professor Xavier's half-brother with a lot of attitude and way too strong for anybody's good. Juggy's power is that once he starts moving in any direction, nothing on Earth can stop him. He's not a mutant though, his power is all magical, but I can understand it if they make him to be a mutant for the movie series.

What I can't understand is this: Here's Juggernaut from the Marvel Comics...

I wanted to find a good pic of him along with someone else (in this case Wolverine) to give a sense of just how big Juggernaut is supposed to be.

Now here's Juggernaut (as portrayed by Vinnie Jones) in X-Men III:

Crap on a crutch... he looks like a reject from that old Masters of the Universe movie! Check out those boots: Gene Simmons should sue the producers of X-Men III for ripping off his footwear. Couldn't they have done something to make Juggernaut look bigger? I mean, remember how big Hulk was in his movie a few years ago? THAT is how massive Juggy is supposed to be. How the heck are we supposed to be convinced that this Juggernaut can run toward a building and plow his way straight through it? If he put his helmet on he'd look just like Ram-Man from... holy smokes FROM MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE! At this rate they should put Dolph Lundgren in dual roles as Cable and Stryfe in this thing and just get it over with.

What a letdown. I've been looking for a good pic of the movie's Juggernaut, and this is what I find. There'd better be some darned good word-of-mouth on this movie, if they expect me to plunk down five bucks to see it.


Anonymous said...

Yep Jugs is not impressive. I don't know how this one will come out.