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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

NOW he threatens to veto something: Bush wants foreign control of American ports

Why in the name of Valhalla is our President Bush hot to sign away control of several American ports to a foreign company run by the United Arab Emirates? He's even threatening a veto if legislators try to block the transaction... which would be the very first time that he's used the veto since he took office in 2001.

He didn't veto McCain-Feingold, and he does nothing about our borders being flooded with illegals and who-knows-what-else... but he's willing to go on record as saying that he'll finally use veto to open up an American vulnerability to a foreign power.

It makes no sense, but you can read all about it here.


qemuel said...

That was a very nice and heartfelt tribute to Bill Moran.

What is probably my favorite among my sword collection is made of Damascus steel, and I owe it to him and his work.

I am saddened by the loss as well, and wish him well in his travels.

Anonymous said...

Bush didn't know because congress mandated for this foreign service group to keep the decisions secret. The group only informs the president if they go to an extended period of review and then reject it. No one on the top white house staff knew. It was done by middle level bueracracy mostly in these agencies. Congress mandated the process by non political and kept secret.

Congress didn't know because it is a federal crime to talk about the specifics of the deal. Again congress mandated it be secret and now they are screaming how bush didn't inform them.

Based on the law congress passed in 1988 Bush couldn't have reversed the deal after it was approved by this committee. The law states that after the deal was approved by the committee bush or the committee can only go back and review the deal if the company lied to them on the application.

On MSNBC right now we are hearing how bush was out of the loop again and all the bs. That was the law. And when I hear congress complaining about the secrecy, damn them they wrote the law that way to protect the propriety of the companies.

Scott McClellan has to be the worst press secretary ever. He didn't even know today that the american unions would still be involved and that homeland security got in the deal to do a background check before anyone can enter the facility that works for the company.

Bush needs to go on national TV primetime to stop the lies. Worst of all a lot of the lies are being spread by peter king who is clueless on the 1988 law that was written. If he is so upset change the law instead of blaming bush for a law congress mandated.