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Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Shout hallejulah c'mon get happy!"

Power Line is making hay of a Pew Research study indicating that, apparently, Republicans are happier than Democrats. It also says that only 29% of us independents are happy... but hey nobody polled me so what do I know (and I like to consider myself a pretty happy guy).

Here's where Power Line demonstrates considerable narrow-mindedness:

That conservatives (Republicans) are happier than liberals (Democrats) is no coincidence, as anyone who earns a living selecting juries can tell you.
Ummmm, the modern Republican party is not conservative. Its party platform is moderate or centrist... and I would even say tilting toward socialist on too many issues.

But I figured out awhile back that Power Line is more interested in ideology that ideas, so their shilling for the Republicans no matter what doesn't really surprise me. Which is a shame because based on what I know about the guys who run Power Line, they're a pretty sharp bunch. Definitely smarter than to let themselves be used as tools by partisans.

(C'mon guys, this is the freakin' Internet... the whole idea of this place is that you don't have to think what "they" want you to think!)

But back to the issue of "happiness", which Pew thinks is relative to one's political stance. Maybe it's worth pointing out that people like these ladies were also happy, even downright jubilant back in the day...

Doesn't necessarily mean that their being happy was a good thing, does it?


Eaglet said...

Just because Powerline paints over Republican socialism with the word conservative does not make it conservative.

However, I will should "Hallelujah" anyway regardless of political propaganda.

Eaglet said...

It's early in the morning. Substitute "should" above with "shout" and you will have the statement that I intended.

Lee Shelton said...

Since most Republicans and Democrats are slaves to big government, determining who's happy or not may have a lot to do with who's in power at the time.

Chris Knight said...

Agreed, Lee. BTW, I *love* your profile icon :-) Ever see "Gods and Generals"? Very good movie about Stonewall Jackson (well it's about other military leaders in the Civil War too but he's the one it seems to center on most).