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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tonight's Lost...

...was intense.

I found it to be darkly ironic that Mira Furlan's character Rousseau hands Henry Gale over to Sayid for torture... when it was Furlan's character Delenn who was mercilessly tortured in the "Comes The Inquisitor" episode of Babylon 5. Anyone who watched that show will know what I'm talking about (and this is the 2nd time in 24 hours that I've linked to the Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5... go figure).

Were those Egyptian hieroglyphics that we saw in red and black as the countdown timer went to zero? Sure as heck looked like them.

Was great to see Clancy Brown in this episode (playing the CIA operative).

I don't think Henry is one of the Others. But I could be wrong...

Solid episode this week. And next week sounds like it's gonna be pure crazy.

EDIT 10:42 PM EST: Found a screencap at Sledgeweb's Lost... Stuff from tonight's episode, "One Of Them", showing the "digits" as the timer went crazy...

What do they mean?! I don't know! And that's why I love this show so much :-)


Anonymous said...

found on a lost message board
check it out.
Here is the translation
here is the thread about it

Chris Knight said...

So it might mean "cause to die" in Ancient Egyptian. Which begs the question: WHY is it saying that in Ancient Egyptian?

There'd better be a darned good explanation for all this Dharma Initiative nonsense sooner or later :-)