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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Delusion of grandeur: Bush says we are in World War III

George W. Bush is a very damaged man, a nihilistic moral midget who unfortunately happens to have too much power for his or anyone else's good. The proof for that now is that he's proclaiming that we are in the midst of World War III:
US President George W. Bush said the September 11 revolt of passengers against their hijackers on board Flight 93 had struck the first blow of "World War III."

In an interview with the financial news network CNBC, Bush said he had yet to see the recently released film of the uprising, a dramatic portrayal of events on the United Airlines plane before it crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

But he said he agreed with the description of David Beamer, whose son Todd died in the crash, who in a Wall Street Journal commentary last month called it "our first successful counter-attack in our homeland in this new global war -- World War III".

Bush said: "I believe that. I believe that it was the first counter-attack to World War III."

Bush just can't stand to be anything but a "war president". He really believes that God has set him up to be on the same pedestal with Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. This very cowardly man is now casting himself as the "hero" of a vast global conflict... that only exists in the space between his two ears.

This fool will either have his name blazed in glory, or he'll spark Armageddon so that nobody else will take his name out of the history books. He got us into an unwinnable quagmire in Iraq because "God" told him to. Lord only knows what destruction he'll be doing to this country and world next (for encouraging illegal immigration alone, he should be imprisoned).


Anonymous said...

Well said, i couldn't agree more.
He should be imprisoned. Boosh is a CEO president, he has no problem with US companies exporting jobs to India and China. And importing
cheap immigrant labor from mexico,
while our social services pay for their education and healthcare.