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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wild Wednesday on the tube: IDOL and LOST

For sake of future reference...

"It was fixed!!!" is probably the cry across the country tonight as very nearly everybody was stunned to see Chris Daughtry voted off American Idol tonight. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul never looked so staggered. I think most thought that after last night's performances Katherine McPhee was going to be the one sent home. Taylor Hicks and Elliot Yamin were the top two this week. Daughtry had an awfully big fan following... I actually thought my personal favorite Hicks would be voted off before Daughtry ever got the axe. Just a plain thorough shocker tonight.

And then there was tonight's Lost, which was simply titled "?" (that's it, a question mark). Well, what can be said of this one: it built off of what happened at the end of the last episode, seemed to answer some questions and opened up a whole lot more. Am really enjoying how it is that Locke and Eko are each working their way around the issue of faith. And was devastated to see what happened in the hatch (the Losties's one, which you'll understand why I make that explicit if you saw tonight's show) toward the end. This one'll get marked for torrent download as soon as it's up tomorrow :-)

Anyhoo, 'twas a crazy night between Fox and ABC.


Jenna St.Hilaire said...

Wow, Chris, I'm amazed by the response of your hometown. Couldn't expect any less! Daughtry has always stood as good a chance of success as any contestant on any season of that show. Here's hoping for great things up-and-coming for him!