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Thursday, June 22, 2006

More thoughts on last week's visit from the Westboro Baptist mob

Adam Feldman posts some good thoughts about last week's picket of the Southern Baptist Convention by the Westboro Baptist Church (here's the link to my earlier report on their visit to our TV station). I like this part of Adam's essay especially...
For the record: What you see is what happens when truth is presented half-way. For instance, Scripture (Old and New Testaments) clearly teach that homosexuality is a sin--along with gluttony, pride, anger, malice, idolatry, adultery, disobeying parents, drunkenness, orgies, witchcraft and a host of other things. However, no where does it indicate that man can pass judgment or condemn a fellow man... this is reserved for God alone. Likewise, Scripture clearly teaches that all have sinned--not just homosexuals--and that everyone (yes, everyone) is deserving of eternal separation from God as a result (i.e. Hell). However, Scripture also teaches that God in his loving mercy and grace has provided forgiveness of sin and redemption from sinful behavior through his Son, Jesus Christ.
Amen, bruddah!


Adam said...

thanks for the mention, chris! great to get connected to another like-minded blogger...

Anonymous said...


Sadly, I think Fred Phelps and his ilk do represent the feelings of many (most?) fundamentalists. Perhaps it is the fear factor that keeps other fundamentalists from doing/saying the same things.