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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A hearty hello to everyone from the TAPS Forum!

The past few days or so my blog's meter has been going crazy with hits, and yesterday I found out why: I'm getting a LOT of visitors from the TAPS Forum! Some of you might remember my post last October about the best ghost photographs ever taken. Well the good folks on the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society, the same outfit you see on Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters) boards found that article and made a thread out of it on their board. How much traffic are they sending this way? About three-four times the normal flow :-) I peeked my head in to check 'em out and I was mighty impressed with the camaraderie over there, so I registered on the board and sent them a hello there. Anyways, they're a good crew and I wanted to commemorate their being here, so... hey guys! :-)


Anonymous said...

GH is a cool show!

bmovies said...

Hey Chris,
You ever see their tv show? I highly recommend it. (I dont have cable tv. I managed to watch their first season via Netflix after it was released to DVD) I am eagerly awaiting the release of their second season which as I understand it will be on September 19, 2006

bmovies said...

Whoops, I spoke too soon. You DID see it:

"The other night I happened to catch Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi Channel. It’s an hour-long show that follows the members of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) as they investigate reputedly haunted locations, in an attempt to document and de-bunk supposed ghostly infestations. I'd never seen the show before but I came away very impressed by these guys: they're regular working joes – the founders are Roto-Rooter plumbers by day – who do their investigations on nights and weekends in a completely professional and ethical manner. They scrutinize everything and make thorough reports to the proprietors of the sites they look into. If there's nothing that can't be explained, they say so. If there is bizarre stuff going on that doesn't fit on the charts, they report that too, without embellishing it for what it might or might not be."

BUT did you the the ENTIRE season or just a couple of episodes?

Roger said...

I've seen a bunch of episodes since then. One of my favorites was when they went onboard the U.S.S. North Carolina to look for ghost activity there. I also liked both episodes where they went to the prison where they shot "The Shawshank Redemption". Can't wait to see new eps starting next month :-)