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Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's the Return of the Spinning Head!

Here's a real blast from the past that I found tucked away on a seldom-used hard drive tonight...

The mad spinning head of Chris Knight

I made that all the way back in 1998! Remember how a long time ago when we didn't have blogs or Myspace, how we made our own personal homepages? Yeah, a bygone era to be sure. Well when "Weird" Ed and I were roomies at Elon, I had him help me make this graphic for my homepage. So I sat in his office chair while he operated my standard film camera mounted on a tripod. I faced the camera, he snapped off a pic, and while keeping my head straight I rotated 1/8th the way around. He took another pic, I rotated, and so forth. Then I got the film developed and scanned all the photos (with the scanner in the computer lab at school), took the files home and did some editing with Paint Shop Pro, then assembled them together with GIF Construction Set. All of this was using Windows 3.1 except for the scanning which was done on a Win 95 machine. I then stuck it on my homepage (which was called "Chris Knight's Virtual Surreality" at the time). It came out pretty good, I think. It definitely made people laugh when they saw it. Anyways, it's a bit of graphic fun I had back in the day and I thought that if anyone is curious about what a 360-degree look at my head was like in 1998, that it'd be fun to post here for old time's sake.


AfterShock said...

Oh man! I remember doing that in our apartment back then. Wow that was a while ago. I wonder if I still have some of the old stuff I did back then (websites and whatnot)? Those were the days...hehe

Chad said...

I've never forgotten "Chris Knight's Virtual Surreality" page and the spinning head! What a blast from the past.