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Monday, September 04, 2006

Behold the crippled writer

I was going to post a comment to my friend Chad's report on his running the 2006 Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach. But alas, I can't! See, the other week for some reason or another I "migrated"/upgraded/whatever my Blogger account to the new "Blogger beta", which is somehow tied in to my Google Gmail account. Well, there are some great new features that make blogging with Blogger a lot better than before... but the downside is that at the moment I can't comment on anyone who's using the non-beta version. This is the third time this weekend that I've been caught in this technical snafu.

Blogger techs swear that we'll "soon" be able to comment on non-beta blogs, but in the meantime I've a lot of friends posting good stuff and I can't leave any replies on 'em. Hope its something that gets fixed sooner rather than later.


qemuel said...

What are the perks of this beta? I have been tentative in giving it a shot...shirak

Chris Knight said...

Well it's MUCH faster in publishing to your blog. You hit the "publish" button and it's on the blog without having to wait for "50% finished" etc. I find it a lot easier in posting pictures too, but maybe that's just me. Previously I had been using the Hello app to post pics to another non-public blog (the "Chris Knight Testing Ground") then image link from my main blog to that one. But that may be something you can do already in "old school" Blogger. There's a few things I like about it but now I wish that I had waited to migrate the blog to beta simply because I can't comment on a lot of people's blogs at the moment.