Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs..."

"...Blocking up the scenery, breaking my mind..."

The next phase of my campaign for school board is about to begin. Namely, the one where I start to seriously spend money. Here's the debut of the first major expenditure...

This is the yard sign that I'm gonna be planting in as many places as I possibly can over the course of the next month or so. Now, something that hadn't entered my mind... or that I'd even really understood... until our station's head producer told me at work the other day is that in making my signs blue in color, that some people will take that as meaning that I'm a Democrat. Which I'm not: I'm unaffiliated and as non-partisan as you can probably get. All this time I was trying to figure out where this "Red State/Blue State" nonsense came from, and I'm just now getting it. He said that blue has always been the "Democrat color" while Republicans get red. Well what the *@$# color am I supposed to make this sign: green or orange or screaming violet? It's a really dark blue 'cuz of the knight chess piece logo: when did you ever see a chess piece associated with red? Who makes up this "Democrat=red / Republican=blue" crap anyway?! And I didn't want to use black either 'cuz I'm putting out signs for a campaign, not a funeral. But anyhoo, this is the final design and I quite like it a lot. So did everyone else on my staff that I showed this too.

Y'know, for something that seems so simple, designing the yard sign was a major headache. I've had to figure everything from how it's going to look, to what kind of material to have it made from, to what size to make it, how many to order, quite a few other factors. More than I care to recount here. The colors were originally going to be reversed but "Weird" Ed suggested making the lettering, logo etc. white so as to be more reflective at night, and I thought that was a darned good idea.

So that's what'll be popping up around Rockingham County as soon as they get delivered. If anyone living here wants one in their yard, e-mail me at and I'll get one to you pronto.


Anonymous said...

this is even crazier

still dylan hammontree

Anonymous said...

"Who makes up this "Democrat=red / Republican=blue" crap anyway?!"

As I understand it, it originated with the news media (I could be wrong though) . What's more, (and again I could be wrong about this), is that every presidential election year, they would change the blues and reds. That is, one presidential year, the reds would be Republican, Dems the blues, and the next presidential election, the Dems were Red, Reps were blue, and so on and so forth.

But since the