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Monday, October 23, 2006

200,000 visits

Remember the days when every time this blog reached another 10,000 visitors, that it was time to celebrate? Such an innocent and carefree time it was. I'd thought that it was going to make 60,000 by Thanksgiving: remember that it had a little over 54,000 hits less than a week ago. Well, in the past couple of hours The Knight Shift got its 200,000th visitor (the counter right now actually says 203,549). If it keeps this up the meter might be breaking the one million mark by Halloween. Does Site Meter even allow for a seven-digit meter? We may find out soon :-) Thanks to everyone for visiting my humble lil' blog.


Anonymous said...

"Thanks to everyone for visiting my humble lil' blog."

Your welcome. I knew all those people would follow me here. See how popular I am?


Anonymous said...

PS: What kind of ghost posts do you have for us this Halloween?

Chris Knight said...

Quite possibly one made from the submissions that readers have been sending me since the first ghost post got big :-)

Anonymous said...

okay well now we goo

U.S. Soldier Reported Missing in Baghdad

Jenna St.Hilaire said...

Congratulations... that's totally awesome! I knew the general public would discover your blog. And of course, after coming once, they all have to come back :-D

Jenna St.Hilaire said...

Wow... did Blogger just let me leave a comment on your blog? Hurrah! This rocks. I might even have to go through some of your other posts one of these days and leave comments. Is this cool or what?!

Chris Knight said...

Oh my goodness... it's working again!!! I can't believe it!! I *never* thought they would finally get this fixed! Okay you can now go and comment on that Harry Potter post I did a few weeks ago :-P

Anonymous said...

Oiut of curiosity, I did a goole search on "theknightshift". Not theknightshift.blogspot.com. JUST theknightshift, and this is the results:

"Results 1 - 10 of about 26,500 for theknightshift"

AND the very first item listed is your ghost photos item:

The Knight Shift: The Top Ten Best GHOST PHOTOGRAPHS Ever Taken

And below that listing are many other websites that mention your site. Very interesting stuff! :-)

Jenna St.Hilaire said...

Okay, I went and commented on the Harry Potter post with the pic from the Order of the Phoenix movie. I tried to find the one where some woman was trying to prove that the Harry Potter books are--sigh, it's the old argument--evil. Oh well. I think I'll have to write a full-length post about such ideas soon. Even though everyone else already has :-D