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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Last night's LOST

Last night was the third season premiere of Lost and it was a heckuva good episode, especially the opening: we got to see where the Others were and what they were doing when Oceanic Flight 815 came crashing out of the sky. But Lisa and I had to wonder: in all this time that the crash survivors have had to go from one end of the island to the next, how is it that the Others have an entire frickin' town that hasn't been run across yet? Others-ville can't be more than a two hours walk or so from where the mid-section of the fuselage came down... and you mean that at least Locke and Sayid didn't know about it? What about Rousseau: she's been on the island for a long time and she's never said anything about it to the crash survivors either.

I'm starting to wonder if the "island" is even an island at all. Maybe it's just one really big peninsula of a much-larger landmass. Heck as far off-course as Flight 815 was it could be part of Antarctica that somehow stays tropical (think the "Savage Land" from Marvel Comics). However it is, that lil' island is starting to get awfully crowded with crazy geography. Maybe the producers will release a comprehensive map of the place someday.


Anonymous said...

OT: George Lucas is out of the film business


Anonymous said...

Lost was great!