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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

News & Record article on those wacky school board commercials

Lex Alexander at the News & Record has written-up a story about the various TV commercials that have been spawned by the Rockingham County Board of Education race. In it he talks to Eric Smith, Richard Moore and Yours Truly about the ads we've got running on the web and local television. You definitely get a sense from reading the article - titled "These aren't your congressman's TV ads" - that these commercials are a little on the quirky side...

...Which I think is great! Just imagine what would happen if every election had more than the two stale old parties that are always on the ballot, and instead have a whole slate of characters to choose from. Why, every one of them would be doing something different and a little wild in trying to stand out for the voters. This school board election, in my mind, is a model of how elections all over America should be. It's definitely a race involving individuals, not parties. Who knows: as morally bankrupt as both the major parties are fast being revealed to be, maybe we're seeing a little something of the future in the Rockingham County school board race happening right now.