Sunday, November 05, 2006

THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER is calling me a Jedi

Here's the item in today's edition of The Charlotte Observer:
May the votes be with you

A Luke Skywalker wanna- be is running for Rockingham County school board.

Christopher Knight has produced a "Star Wars"-themed TV ad that includes the Death Star space station blowing up a little red schoolhouse while the voice-over talks about how No Child Left Behind is "targeting and destroying our ability to best teach our children."

Then the ad shows Knight, a 32-year-old TV station master control technician from Reidsville, wielding a light saber while he talks about giving more local control to schools.

Knight told the (Raleigh) News & Observer that some folks have said the ad does not make him look like a serious candidate. The Jedi quipped: "I'm taking it a lot more seriously than a lot of people do in D.C."

Look, it could have been worse: don't think that the thought of putting my name on the ballot as "Chris 'Jedi' Knight" didn't cross my mind... but I'm not too much of a geek to know how totally inappropriate and childish that would have been (even though that was my college nickname). Still, being officially dubbed a "Jedi" by The Charlotte Observer is a pretty neat thing in my book :-) Awesome thanks to Matt Smith - my co-worker at the TV station and all-around cool guy - for finding this.


Anonymous said...

My really are hitting the bigtime.

For Liberty and Life,
Adam Logan