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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I spent the past almost-three hours driving 70 miles across the county, getting signs up at the last four precincts. They're all covered now.

Remember I said that earlier tonight when it was Michael and me doing this that we were listening to that music from that Christian college group I used to be part of? That's what I listened to all the last little while. I've actually listened to it quite a lot during the course of this campaign. It's really helped to sustain and inspire me through everything. I'm glad I thought to put them all on my MP3 player awhile back. And there's another little bit of music, several songs actually, that a friend from college did years ago that I was listening to a lot during this last trip out into the darkness. That went a long way, too.

In so many ways, I can't help but believe that, regardless of whether I win or don't win, God has really been providing for me the whole way through this. Something really curious that I realized tonight, that had to do with why I couldn't put out signs as much as I wanted to last week... but now I wonder if maybe it was supposed to be that I couldn't put them out then. I might talk more about that later.

Well, it's around quarter-til 5 in the morning, and I need to catch some ZZZs. It's gonna be an interesting day. And I gotta see it through all the way to the end. Will try to file reports periodically throughout the day as I can manage it. In the meantime, please keep me in your prayers: they really are what keep me going.

More later. Me go crash now :-)